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New World is currently the last stage of beta access, which can be joined simply by pre-ordering the Steam version (if you order the Amazon version you have to wait until full released) of the game. I'm about 30 hours in so far over the last couple of days and find it to be an interesting and more enjoyable spin on the typical MMO style.

Some of the larger aspects are more traditional MMO such as dungeons with specific mechanics to figure out, quests and tracking, faction and territory control; though there are a few aspects that I find make it different.

  • Crafting is fast paced. If you need to 50 of something, it makes the batch near instantly instead of making each individual item a second at a time.
  • Skills level up as you use them, from gathering, wood chopping, smelting, cooking, etc.
  • Free respec of attribute points and weapon masteries until lvl 20.
  • Fully voiced NPC's for all quest lines, main and side.
  • Property system (haven't messed with this yet).
  • Auto run
  • Rich lore
  • Combat is aim based, not click and cast like most MMO's.

There are a lot of things I'm probably forgetting currently due to having just woken up, but so far having a lot of fun with this.

There are three main factions, with the ability for players to create Companies (aka Clans or Guilds) to band together. The factions are as follows:

  • Marauders: Free spirited (land) pirates who live by their own code of strength and ruthlessness.
  • Syndicate: Clandestine, more secretive ritualists and knowledge seekers.
  • Covenant: Church-like warriors of righteousness.

Each faction can buy territories and hold them based on their ability to actually hold and defend various forts. If your faction owns a territory, you get special bonuses and access to certain perks within those hamlets and forts.



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    Oh, and there's no class system or armor/weapon restrictions. You can make whatever type of character you desire.

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    You can also brick your graphics cards, due to bad optimisation, to the point that companies are offering free replacements of cards that get ruined by the game.

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    That's half correct. The issue with the graphics cards seem to be happening mainly with those manufactured by EVGA. Game has run smoothly since I started playing it and seems very well optimized.

  • It was also happening to people that were running severely underpowered machines, or with a ton of excess stress on their cards. A person just playing the game wasn't losing their graphics card. I have one of the cards that were reporting "problems" and the game has run smoothe as butter and no problems. Saonji again with them straight facts.

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    I mean there were countless posts on Reddit and various other sites about it. Not just the 3090 (although that one got hit worse because of drivers)

    They patched the main offender(s) quickly, driver updates that rolled out fixed a number of other problems.

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  • The geforce driver updates always mess with one of my monitors. After the driver is released but before I install it, the monitor gets those terrifying lines that usually mean your graphics card is fucked. Does that happen to anyone else??

  • Just got pushed back 30 days.....release September now.


  • I'm good with that. They have made a lot of positive progress each time the whole things been pushed back. I'd rather wait for a solid ass release than trip on them being on time.

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    Yeah, I'm fine with the push back. Indicates they got a lot of good feedback during the beta and are taking it seriously. The wait does kinda suck, but it's also something to look forward to. Half of the people I know playing will be going Covenant apparently, and the rest of us will be Mauraders. Definitely sticking with Marauders.

  • I'm excited to play this at launch. I probably won't be playing the open beta this weekend, because I played the closed beta and don't want to keep restarting. Game is pretty fun, though. I'm interested to see what they do with it. Tab target MMOs have gotten kind of stale for me, so it will be nice to see a western market take on an action combat MMORPG. Game ran well on my 3060 during the open beta and they seem to be doing a good job at listening to community feedback.

    @Saonji What a bad take.

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    I'm skipping the Open Beta as well, since I did the previous beta and this next one is only for 3 days.

  • Open Beta was fun. Some changes from the previous beta. Only made me more eager for full release though! Enjoyed it a lot.

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    The time is now! I'm on Mictlan - US East, Black Dog Company

  • Venari, Jakiro and I are on Euphrates. Covenant faction, Grimey Savages company.

  • What a noob. I've been having a good amount of fun playing so far. I'm on US East Loloi with Mishgul, Syndicate faction. For the time being the factions seem pretty balanced on the server and the queue times aren't too bad. Free server transfers and more servers should solving a lot of the queue issues, both of which they have committed to do. Hope everyone else is enjoying it.


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    They've added close to 50 new servers for US East alone in the past couple of days. Free server transfers coming soon would be great so people can spread out.

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    Having caught a group of Syndicate trying to run missions low key in our territory, my company set up a blockade.

  • I'm curious about New World but all I see on my YouTube feed is videos of smoke coming out of graphics cards and the like. Nothx.

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    Clickbait, for the most part. It's already been determined the main cause is shoddy manufacturing. Probably because companies are trying to push out as many new cards as they can to quickly meet the ever growing demand. Have had zero issues with the game through closed beta, open beta, and now full release.

  • Also, it is an Amazon thing so all the content is on Twitch. Basically everyone was streaming it all week.

  • I'm running a 1050Ti graphics card and 16gb ram and it's still running fine on High settings. I don't think this game needs too much to play, really, if a graphics card that's 2(?) generations old can still run it good.

  • it's not about how good your card is, it's about whether or not it's one of the random GPUs that just gets melted by something or other. In fact I think it's mostly the newer ones that get fried (and I have a 2080 super so I'm super skep).

  • Oh yeah for sure it's due to graphics card problems (no game should ever be able to melt cards no matter what, in a perfect world). Doesn't take away from the fact that only certain games will do it. Will give it a shot.

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    Any newly released big title would have likely resulted in the same thing:

    " — and if it wasn't New World, it would have been some other game or application."

    Have had nothing but fun with this. Don't think I've even encountering any significant bugs.

  • Looks to be a number of significant bugs, judging from what friends (and many threads) have stated. Although most are probably irrelevant if you're not endgame yet.

    So far, seems to be one of those, "Journey is better than the destination" type games. Which, again, is probably fine if you're not the type of person to worry much about endgame. I'm told those weirdos do, indeed, exist in some MMOs.

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    I think I'm one of those people. Haha. I've been sloooooow to level (still at 26) cause I get distracted by so many things in the game, specially the crafting parts of it. I was the same way back in runescape (which this game reminds me so much of).

    I did hear about lots of bugs from discord but I haven't encountered them yet. I think those are more end-game pvp bugs than pve though since the context of the vc at the time were wars and forts.

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    Yup, the Discord I'm in with friends it feels like there's a different complaint every day. (They've all been 60 for a few days now). Since I don't play, most of my notice of bugs are through them, or watching Shroud's stream.

    Random deaths you can't revive in, and having to wait for support to get back to you, seems to be their most common one. Can't revive/recall either because you're dead.

    Apparently their guild's had constant issues with wars and not being able to load into them, as well. Just sticks on the loading screen then kicks them after a few minutes.

    I guess it's a flipside that they're mostly endgame bugs, since the bulk of the playerbase aren't there? But at the same time, hopefully it doesn't go the same way as RIFT where those bugs take so long to fix, that all your serious/harder players end up just quitting over it.

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    I'm lvl 42, just have been taking my time, exploring, questing, gathering, and crafting along the way. Gotten involved in a few wars which are fun and intense. They've been pretty good about addressing issues that have arrised. The only two prominent ones I'm aware of currently are Corruption portals requiring Tier 4 Azoth staff are bugged and can't be closed, and Outposts aren't available to participate in.

    That being said, anyone who will dump 300+ hours into a newly released MMO in about two weeks to reach "endgame" level are likely going to have complaints about anything. Some of these people need to stop complaining and take the opportunity to go outside or something.

  • I dunno. The kind of money Shroud makes is a pretty good incentive to keep playing instead.

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