The Celebration of Sobriquet : His 500th Birthday Bash!

Hello Everyone!

On 8th Ero, 865 in Achaea, Sobriquet will be celebrating his 500th birthday! This is span of great dedication from player and to his character!

In honour of Sobriquet, I would like to open up this discussion that wish to send well-wishes and share memories of your time and interaction with this stable of Achaea: Sobriquet!

I know it may be a bit away, but time flies fast, and I hope you don't mind starting the fun for him today!

Thank you, and I truly look forward to hearing your stories - or words of celebatory, or whatnot in honour of Sobriquet!


  • It was not long ago that I learned Sobriquet was an actual word and not some sort of Achaean gibberish. I have not been able to look at him the same since.

    Happy Achaean Birthday!

  • Happy birthday old man!

  • Wait wtf he's right




    1. a person's nickname.
    2. "she was a vast and haughty person who answered to the sobriquet “Duchesse”"

    Happy Achaean Birthday, person's nickname

  • I remember when I came back and was learning mining. I stole one of Sobby's mines and he was so sad I have never attacked any mines ever again.

    Sobby is the best.

  • ItaIta Hashan
    edited July 2021

    I remember my first meeting of Sobriquet with Ita - and that was him narrowing his eyes at her and clearing his throat, for she had clapped and wagged her tail at a miltary ceremony in Hashan. Who was this man glowering at me??? I was so startled and taken by surprise that I was scared of Sobriquet for awhile.

    Wait....I think I still am. Why am I doing this????

    Just kidding!

    Thank you for being a pillar in Hashan and Achaea for all these years!

  • Sobriquet's got style. A sophisticated name for a sophisticated adventurer.

  • I remember one time when Sobriquet was staying two minutes from where I lived but we didn't know it until after.

  • Sobriquet is Hashan's dad.

    As a player I admire, having known him for years IC in different incarnations of me as characters, he is consistent and truly to be consistent for 500 IC years is a feat.

    That being said, Gurklukke is a young turd who likes to frustrate him, however in that same vein he also respects him and feels bad when he pisses him off. Congrats on your 500 years old man.

    Happy to have you still around!

  • Coops, I remember that. If I also remember correctly we share the same ooc birthday.

    This is an odd thread, but thank you, I'll watch for the slating later.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."


  • remember that time I sent you a mistell and you turned it into an awesome interaction?

    That was p. cool.

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