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Just picked up Jester a few days ago so havent messed with juggling otherwise in years.

I seen in the news that it got rehauled and you can throw juggled x instead but otherwise is their actually any noticeable changes to juggling besides throw x at person?


  • You tell us, nobody plays Jester.

  • Archaeon, Eryl and Farrah are nobody?

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • To be fair, none of us three really 1v1 in it because it's kind of boring. Itchpowder change will probably make it a lot more fun.

    This change is just to ease coding burden and make juggling easier to use. It has absolutely no mechanical impact.

  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    edited July 2021

    Ah okay makes sense which is perfect since I haven't gotten around to coding it yet...

    Which also the being able to throw dagger romaen curare is a big help, since I found it randomly googling jester scripts

    Also on the record, I had no idea Eryl or Farrah had Jester nor have I ever seen them in it. I mostly just picked it up because of how fun the class was 10-15 years ago...

    But I typically don't keep track of what classes people have outside of my city.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    inline venom throwing has been a thing for a while.

  • This will help you not accidentally throw a second juggled axe because of how fast the throw speed is. Archaeon is right, the inline you see there has been around for a while.

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