Descriptions of Axil, Alpha Headhunter and Ogwin the Headhunter

There was an event recently that involved—in a trivial sense—a raid targeted at the estate of an Eleusian house, done by two denizens: Axil, Alpha Headhunter of the Raven and Ogwin the Headhunter. There's a little background detail in PUBLIC NEWS #21121, #21122 and likely at some point an events post.

In the chaos of things, @Zenii managed to grab both of their descriptions before they died. They are, as Achaea writing usually is, very well written, and I wanted to share them here.

The in-line room descriptions were

Eyes of white punctuate the stern countenance of Axil, the Alpha Headhunter. Sinking heavily upon a polished stave of heartwood, Ogwin stands here, drooping vines of brown curling about his figure.

Axil's description was

Repugnant to any standard of conventional appeal, this towering, brawny human cuts an imposing presence upon the surroundings, her bulging musculature evident beneath layered animal pelts lacking any semblance of grace or artistry. Shorn and frayed hair of jet black sweeps back towards the base of her skull, a few loose strands streaking down her expressionless face reminiscent of inky rivers traversing sandy creekbeds. Smudged ash haphazardly applied in lateral streaks frame startling eyes of milky white. Bleached knuckles and crimson-stained digits gird a vicious spear of unfinished pine, the length of its shaft almost entirely encased in ungainly horizontal slashes before terminating at its zenith before a sharpened section of animal bone. A headband of raven tail feathers rests firmly upon her brow.

Axil, Alpha Headhunter exudes an aura of overwhelming power.

Ogwin's description was

Rising nearly eight feet in height and entirely covered by copper-hued frozen vines, Ogwin casts an impressive presence upon any environment, his viridian frame conferring more size and scale than is typical. Looping creepers of brown adorn him from head to toe, vicious barbs glistening with unknown toxins spearing out at intermittent intervals. Narrowed, bloodshot eyes of pale blue sweep to and fro in desperate surveyal of his surroundings. He grips a walking staff of polished heartwood in his left hand, unconventional runes and glyphs etched along its haft in crude carvings reminiscent of a child's penmanship. Visible beneath the writhing creepers are tight-fitting and ill-repaired animal skins of pale tan. Terminating abruptly at the wrist, his sylvan gift wraps around the stump where his right hand once was, a single, large thorn protruding from the limb's end and weeping a thick, milky substance. A headband of raven tail feathers rests firmly upon his brow.

Ogwin the Headhunter exudes an aura of overwhelming power.

And as a bonus, there was a spear left behind by Axil, whose details I won't mention. It's description is equally intriguing, however:

"a frozen spear of blackwood wreathed in thorns"

Fashioned from a single blackwood's heart, this spear stands almost ten feet in length, an unidentified point of sharpened animal bone affixed to its end by frozen creepers. Channels of frosted sanguine run down its length, the crimson rivers congealing and growing wider as it approaches the worn base. Fragile in appearance, the weapon's point is reinforced by a faint lustre of burgeoning energy, a flowing matrix weaving into and out of the ossein matter beneath a coating of dense permafrost. A thorny bramble of needle-sharp thorns wreathes the neck of the spear. Weeping milky-white tears of varying opacity, the poisoned barbs leak venomous fluids in a perpetual stream of untold suffering. Blood and ice cap the thorns in a grisly display of Nature's wrath.


  • EVENTS NEWS #695 and #696 are now out covering the background of the event.

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