Iorin's Prey Targeting Reflex Pack. - Free Custom NEXUS Script

Hey there folks! I was getting sick and tired of targeting denizens individually in a room with the tab-key in order to keep kill orders when hunting. So I wrote out a couple of commands in a new reflex-package to automate this task. Using this package you are able to use the following commands.

Added Commands:

  • PREYLIST (Lists all the previously registered prey strings)
  • ADDPREY <Priority> <String> (Will add a string to your prey database and associate a priority.)
  • DELPREY <String> (Deletes a string from your prey list manually)
  • CLEARPREYLIST (Clears all of your prey database and allows a fresh start.)
  • FINDPREY (Searches the room and targets any mob who contains the prey-string in it's name.)

The way this package works is by priority. So the higher of a priority a target is, the sooner the "FINDPREY" command will target it, when picking from targets in the room. This package will only set your target if you use the associated commands. To use it well; I suggest just adding "FINDPREY" to your normal bashing hotkey.

This package uses the nexus clients internal functions that are not usually presented in the documentation. If you have questions about these functions feel free to send me a message and I'll show you a way to compile a list of them. If you like what I've made, leave a comment; would love to hear what everyone thinks/needs in terms of reflexes.

*Note: Worth using the "CLEARPREYLIST" command at installation to initiate your variable in your nexus cloud storage. Using commands before setting variables causes no harm, just could give you a reference error the first time.

*Beware: If you set prey strings that are common between denizen you wish to avoid hitting, you can and will target them by accident. Prey strings can be multiple words long, so make them specific if you need to.

Enjoy! :)


  • It's come to my attention that sometimes when you import an external reflex package, the matching types for the commands revert back to their defaults. This seems to be a bug with the nexus client itself. IF this happens to you, simply swap the "Matching type" for all commands with REGEX in their command lines to regular expressions, and it will work.

  • Oh, Hey there folks! even though the commands are working, I noticed a couple of things wrong with my last package, (some missing semicolons, and forgot to flip the order of the priority list.) Basically if you end up using this you'll probably want this newer updated version of the pack.

    *Fixed the priority list ordering, so it checks from largest to smallest priority as intended (there was a missing .reverse() statement.)

    *Fixed small formatting issues and superfluous lines of code. (I was calling a few variables when not needed.)

    Again, thanks for all the kind words regarding the greathunt placing. I mostly attribute it to this targeting package.

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