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I haven't been able to find anything using NEWSSEARCH HOARD, but were prices of hoard boons adjusted at some point in the past year?

I am assuming yes, and I am not sure if the same goes for other hoard wealths, but the black dragon wealth has fallen from multiple million down to about 100k. This has rendered hoards somewhat useless unless you are consistently hunting past gold cap or willing to invest your own gold.

My understanding was hoard boons were initially implemented as a reward for not only dragon, but to reduce the hurt of gold cap. Not sure if other dragon colors are feeling the hurt as bad, or if it's just black losing bigger hunters such as Penwize.

Just curious if there are any plans to rebalance this at some point, and what other players thoughts on the current system are. It seems like since gold cap, having a crit bonus and better experience are one of the few reasons to keep hunting for dragons.


  • Boon price wasn't adjusted, Penwize went dormant. Black Dragons were getting huge benefits from him constantly exceeding gold cap and you have burnt through it all.

  • Most lairs from what I can tell don't activate boons often. Penwize hunting 2x or 3x gold cap every day really helped black dragons keep up the benefits.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Yep, greedy people used black dragon lair bonuses pretty much 100% of the time and the vast majority was earned by Penwize who quit when walk to was changed.

  • Penwize quit long before that, my guy. For entirely unrelated reasons of anything to do with bashing.

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  • Ah fair. Still seems like lairs could use some sort of adjustment. It would be cool if everyone got to use them (not just black dragons). 2x gold deposits past gold cap? Make them a personal hoard where you can set an automatic tithe to be paid into it for your own benefit?

  • Every dragon who does the quest gets their lair access, its not just a black dragon thing.

    That said, I don't really like the way they work at all.

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  • The crit/xp boons are reasonable value, if you get a friend or two that also benefit from them. Even without looking at the free gold that fills the hoard, 125k for everyone who is a dragon of that colour to get lucky for 8 hours is good, when sips of lucky tend to go for 2cr/25k. That no one bashes above gold cap to fill the hoard is the problem not really the price of the boons and I doubt even if it was 5x gold gained would change that too much.

  • @Sobriquet Each color has their own reserve though yeah?

  • Correct

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  • We Black Dragons were mega spoiled by the existence of Penwize. I don't Hunt over cap, but will will toss 75k in there when I want the XP bonus. That helps any and all Black Dragons in the lands for (said up there) 8 hours. Not a bad deal.

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