A remembrance for fallen Targossian heroes.

For some background, I've been teaching Targossians about foraging and @Lyndee reported to me that four of her 5 foragers were killed. Also thank you to @Fauxstif for adding a really unexpected element to this!

(Targossas): You say, "Citizens, if you are not busy would be please join me in New Hope for a brief

memorial service. I have pilgrimage up and can deliver anyone who requests it."

View of the southern ocean.

--- Area 260: The Isle of New Hope ----------

--- View of the southern ocean --- 1:-3:1 ---

A strong sea breeze blows in from the Southern Ocean, swaying the thin pine trees located here.

Below this flat plateau, the iridescent turquoise waters are discernible rolling onto the shores of 

the two islands located off the southern coast of the isle, and crashing against the cliffs of the 

peninsula. Unlike the hills below, the ground here is primarily composed of smooth obsidian, with 

the odd tuft of grass growing at the roots of the trees. A Mitran statue looms, ever vigilant for 

Sol's next rise. Placed in preparatory memoriam, implacable chiselwork marks this gravestone 

"MILABAR". Placed in preparatory memoriam, implacable chiselwork marks this gravestone "NYNEVE".

You see exits leading north and down.

The Divine grant you the Rite of Pilgrimage.

(Targossas): Iaxus says, "I must depart, but I do hope it goes well Vasher! Light and Fire guide, Dawnspear."

Lorance tells you, "Who may this be to honour?"

You tell Lorance, "Some fallen allies of Targossas."

You say, "Okay, I will begin."

You say, "Today is a day that the Dawnspear shall remember as a day of infamy. It is always our duty to fight in service to Creation and with that comes the risk that we might lose a battle, and also our lives. We do this not so that we may be the ones who are victorious, but so that those who follow us in service of Good can continue our fight in our stead."

You say, "The fight is a necessary one, but it can also be a tragic one."

You say, "On this day, the 10th of Chronos in the year 860 we are reminded of one simple fact."

{Editor's note: I dropped the wrong candle in the ceremony, but have included what should have happened had I actually used the right candle.}

You drop a votive of remembrance.

You use a pyre-shaped tinderbox to make fire.

Reverently you light a votive of remembrance, and the candle begins to burn with an unwavering


Drifting upward from a votive of remembrance in an aura of hushed reverence, motes of gleaming

silver coalesce into the image of Miramar, the fallen Goddess of Justice.

Impassively Miramar gazes outward, raising Her left hand, in which She wields the Scales of Justice.

Her right stays by Her side, wielding the Sword of Judgement.

You say, "We are reminded that Justice is dead, that even those who shine so brightly in this world

can have their lives snuffed out just as this candle could."

Vasher leaves to the north and re-enters dragging the corpses of four Tsol'aan foragers.

You say, "These foragers served the Dawnlord in her fight for Creation, and they have lost their lives today, but one brave forager remained. One brave forager dragged back not only their lifeless husk of corpses, but also a stack of wood. This forager never lost sight of the true goal."

You say, "This forager has earned a name. Dawnlord, Please reflect upon this grotesque pile ofcorpses and name this brave soul."

Lyndee says mournfully in a hoarse voice, "Hirwen."

You say, "Hirwen, Today you stand as the soul survivor, a legend amongst foresters. The one who stared into the abyss and didn't blink."

You say, "However, today is not about the brave deeds of Hirwen, it's about these unnamed souls who we must lay to rest."

Vasher grabs the arm of one of the corpses and brusquely throws it over the cliff into the ocean.

You say, "Forager number 1. Cut down in his prime."

Lyndee glances empathetically at Hirwen, who stands resolute in the face of his tragedy.

Vasher goes to grab the second corpse but notices all the blood. Vasher begins to nudge the corpse off the cliff with the edge of his shoe before gravity finally takes over throwing the corpse down onto the rocks below. The corpse fails to enter the ocean.

You say, "Forager number 2, He stayed behind to secure Hirwen's escape so that someone could tell the tale."

Vasher ponders the corpses that were at the bottom of the corpse pile, the blood and viscera of the previous two corpses having drained onto them.

You drop Zahel, an obsidian gargoyle with crimson fissures.

Vasher turns to Zahel and makes a few gestures and the gargoyle grabs the two remaining corpses and throws them down onto the rocks where Forager Number 2 lies.

Twin splashes echo up the cliffside one after the other.

You say, "Forager number 3 and 4. They provided song and music for the rest of the foragers so they could work in joy moments before they were ambushed by goblins and murdered. May we all hold some joy in our hearts in remembrance of them."

Atalkez bows his head in silent prayer.

You say, "Everyone please remove your hats and hoods and bow your heads in a moment of silence."

You carefully lower the hood on a grim cloak.

Lyndee nods.

Iohanna carefully lowers a Hood of the Sphinx.

Lyndee lowers her head respectfully.

Iohanna closes her eyes, bowing her head.

Lorance closes his eyes and bows his head.

You say, "Thank you for joining me today, that concludes the remembrance ceremony for Foragers 1 through 4."

Fauxstif ripples into existence before you.

Fauxstif steps out of the shadows, quickly grasping Hirwen around the throat from behind and silently sliding his dirk into Hirwen's back piercing his heart before dropping the corpse to the ground and vanishing into the shadows once more shouting, "Hail Chaos!"


Atalkez throws a sigil at the ground which bursts in a flash of light.

Fauxstif is pulled back into phase with reality!

Ducking behind him, Atalkez strikes at Fauxstif's hamstring with a rigid, practised grip.

Lyndee attempts to transfix Fauxstif, but succeeds only in curing his blindness.

{Editor's note: The whole of the Targossians present bravely avenged Hirwen's death}

Fauxstif has been slain by Atalkez.

Lyndee picks up the corpse of Fauxstif.

Atalkez says in a silky, smooth tenor voice, "Hail that."

You say, "Thank you for joining me for the remembrance ceremony for Hirwen, the soul survivor, cut down in his prime."

You say, "It was only moments ago that he was brimming with life and wood."

Lyndee says hesitantly in a hoarse voice, "Thank you, Vasher."

You say, "Then a serpent stabbed him in the back."

You say, "He will always be remembered."

Lyndee says in a hoarse voice, "Indeed."

You say, "This concludes the remembrance ceremony of Hirwen, thank you for joining."

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