Iaxus' Promo Talisman Guide for Dummies

I created this for a Discord I'm in, but realised later that it would be beneficial to the game as a whole. All below info can be found in game, but this list collates it all nicely into one section, so you don't have to do 2-3 commands to see the info you want to see. This wouldn't copy cleanly without using a code block, so forgive me for that.

This list:

  • ONLY encompasses Promo Talisman sets, and does not include questing or hunting sets.
  • does NOT include Renegades or Invasion sets, because I was not active when these were released.

Before anyone asks, talisman values can, and will, change depending on availability of the talisman set, so asking for a price will end up with different answers at different times.

Please send all complaints DIRECTLY TO the trash bin, as I will not be accepting any critiques.

Without further adieu:

         Set         |         Name         |         Use          
 TALISMAN SET <set>  | TALISMAN INFO <name> |                      
 Death               | deathscall           | Reanimate dead denizens (hunting)
 Death               | crucible             | Does damage on death in area (combat)
 Death               | deathcandle          | Shows how long denizen has been alive on CONSIDER (hunting)
 Death               | gravestone           | PLANT gravestone to revive at that location (misc)
 Death               | deathcape            | Stacks health per denizen kill (hunting)
 Death               | vulturetalon         | Gives caloric defense (misc)
 Death               | mortalcoil           | Kills you faster than heartstop (misc)
 Death               | deathdummy           | Test dummy, only used for bashing attacks, can kill you (misc)
 Marks               | ivorywarhorn         | World-wide challenge to duel TTD (combat)
 Marks               | ivorymedallion       | Bonus xp for killing Quisalis Mark characters (combat)
 Marks               | ivoryspyglass        | See full list of Quisalis Mark online (combat)
 Marks               | ivorypennon          | Bonuz xp for hunting Quisalis Den (hunting)
 Marks               | ivoryarmband         | Custom Ivory Mark deathsight on kill (combat)
 Marks               | ivoryatlantia        | Talking Atlantia puppet (misc)
 Marks               | ivorydummy           | Test dummy, only used for bashing attacks, can kill you (misc)
 Marks               | ivorytower           | Teleports user to halls of Ivory Mark (misc)
 Marks               | ivorybowstring       | Negates arrow accuracy loss due to distance (combat)
 Marks               | quisalisdagger       | Removes starburst defences/tattoos (combat)
 Marks               | quisalisbone         | Bonus xp for killing Ivory Mark characters (combat)
 Marks               | quisalismedallion    | Bonuz xp for hunting Ivory Tower (hunting)
 Marks               | quisalislookingglass | See full list of Ivory Mark online (combat)
 Marks               | quisalisderillin     | Talking Derillin puppet (misc)
 Marks               | quisalisdummy        | Test dummy, only used for bashing attacks, can kill you (misc)
 Marks               | quisalistombstone    | Teleports user to halls of Quisalis Mark (misc)
 Marks               | quisalisarmband      | Custom Quisalis Mark deathsight on kill (combat)
 Marks               | quisaliscloak        | Shadowcloak, plus shield (combat)
 Marks               | quisalismask         | Provides area on Deathsights (combat/misc)
 Cities              | musicbox             | Cycles through weakening dmg type resistances (combat)
 Cities              | biscuit              | Cures drunkeness (misc)
 Cities              | wraithshackles       | Reduces celerity of target for 30s (combat)
 Cities              | tumbleweed           | Anyone who enters room gets prones and thrown off balance (combat)
 Cities              | alabasterurn         | Take a death for someone (combat/hunting)
 Cities              | celescope            | Retain defences on death to denizen (hunting)
 Contenders          | contendersbouquet    | User's body has flowers themed to city (misc)
 Contenders          | contenderspig        | Piggybank (misc)
 Contenders          | contendersjournal    | Shows one uncompleted quest per month (misc)
 Contenders          | contendersjug        | Increases deepsea fishing strike chance (misc)
 Contenders          | contendersfigurine   | Create a battlefigurine of a player (misc)
 Contenders          | contendersstud       | Locks prism tattoo to target (combat)
 Contenders          | contendersribbon     | Get killstreaks (combat) [Author's note: No Nukes]
 Contenders          | contendersglass      | CONSIDER shows denizen resistance (hunting)
 Historical          | window               | Shows historical scene (misc)
 Historical          | mantle               | Makes figurehead nondecay/resetting (misc)
 Historical          | icicle               | Freezes ground (combat/misc)
 Historical          | helmet               | Helmet (misc)
 Historical          | disc                 | Camera (misc)
 Historical          | votive               | Shows scenes of Gods (misc)
 Historical          | whisperstone         | Hear all talking in the room it's placed (misc)
 Historical          | lily                 | Boosts/hinders Criticals (hunting)
 Historical          | ozhera               | Minipet (misc)
 Historical          | turtle               | Minipet (misc)
 Historical          | mongoose             | Minipet (misc)
 Historical          | hellcat              | Minipet (misc)
 Monks               | monkdummy            | Test dummy, only used for bashing attacks, can kill you (misc)
 Monks               | cranepennon          | Creates a duel area, only able to move 1 adjacent room (combat)
 Monks               | monkbanner           | Summons all mutual allies (combat)
 Monks               | odysseantongue       | Say something on death (combat/hunting)
 Monks               | monkheadband         | Mana-draining defs don't drain while meditating (misc)
 Monks               | talonedring          | Conveys gripping defense (combat/hunting)
 Monks               | ashstaff             | Lvl3 shikudo staff with bonuses (combat/hunting)
 Monks               | olivebranch          | Protects from all damage for 10s (combat/hunting)
 Yggdrasil           | dreadpilar           | Battlefigurine (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | squargon             | Mount (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | yggdrasiltablet      | Write messages to paired tablet (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | valdblom             | Gives minor kvkir buff 
 Yggdrasil           | earthshapingtome     | Gives 5 unique forging descriptors (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | nexuscube            | Gives scene of the heavens for each plane (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | firecrystal          | Halves the time to EMBRACE FLAME (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | planarmote           | Resurrect at a specific flame (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | goldensnakeskin      | Shed denizen pursuers (hunting/misc)
 Yggdrasil           | yggdrasilbranch      | Teleport to various planes via questing (misc)
 Yggdrasil           | criersbell           | Timed kill similar to behead (combat)
 *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Wonders set is no longer available as a promo item, therefore expect to be charged more. ***
 Wonders             | baitbucket           | Automatically generates bait (misc)
 Wonders             | dragonskinpack       | Lidded pack holding 200 items (misc)
 Wonders             | platinumwhistle      | Calls all pets simultaneously (misc)
 Wonders             | ramshorn             | Permits SHOUT prior to lvl 100 (misc)
 Wonders             | monocle              | Lets wearer see hidden exits (misc)
 Wonders             | globe                | Opened for prizes (misc)
 Conclave            | tophat               | Themed tophat artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | hourglass            | Set timer for X minutes (misc)
 Conclave            | tempestbrooch        | Themed stability artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | elementsprite        | Minipet (misc)
 Conclave            | lesservault          | Themed rift_expand lvl1 artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | flyingring           | Themed flying artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | celerity             | Themed celerity artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | buckawns             | Themed anti_web artefact (combat)
 Conclave            | adaptgrimoire        | Themed grimoire lvl1 artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | stygianpendant       | Themed criticals lvl3 artefact (hunting)
 Conclave            | grandmagi            | Upgraded Robes of the Magi artefact (misc)
 Conclave            | atavianwings         | Atavian wings artefact (misc)
 Blackwave           | taper                | Coloured wax (misc)
 Blackwave           | finalityring         | Themed signet ring (misc)
 Blackwave           | grievouskeyring      | Themed keyring (misc)
 Blackwave           | blackspigot          | Themed fluid_expansion lvl2 (misc)
 Blackwave           | sunlesshope          | Themed prismatic ring (misc)
 Blackwave           | blackcirclet         | Themed willpower_regen lvl2 (misc)
 Blackwave           | blackgrimoire        | Themed grimoire lvl2 (misc)
 Blackwave           | jewel                | Themed transmutation gem lvl 1 (misc)
 Blackwave           | goblin               | Minipet (misc)
 Blackwave           | guise                | Deathmask + miasma (combat)
 Blackwave           | canopic              | Instantly restore defences (combat/hunting)
 Blackwave           | apperceptionstone    | Gives access to VEILGLANCE (misc)
 Blackwave           | suremekh'neina       | Lvl3 health and mana regen (combat/hunting)
 Races               | lodestone            | Increased miner xp (misc)
 Races               | arachnideye          | Targeted trample (combat)
 Races               | panpipes             | Strips insomnia/sleeps (combat)
 Races               | sirensong            | Unenemies user (combat)
 Races               | dalamyrrclaws        | Gives access to BURROW (combat/misc)
 Races               | frogskin             | Gives Grook passive health regen (combat/hunting)
 Races               | chitin               | Allows user to give away endurance (misc)
 Races               | demolitionsphere     | Destroys all walls in a location (combat/misc)
 Races               | whispercloth         | Hides next kill deathsight (combat)
 Races               | catapult             | Launch people to adjacent area (misc)
 Races               | mayafigurine         | Allows crit-rollover on overkill (hunting)
 Races               | rattle               | Weather control (misc)
 Elemental           | airelemental         | Minipet (misc)
 Elemental           | airbrooch            | Themed stability (misc)
 Elemental           | firependant          | Themed criticals lvl1 (hunting)
 Elemental           | jawbone              | World-wide SPEAK heard underwater (misc)
 Elemental           | seatears             | Turns saltwater into freshwater or reverse (misc)
 Elemental           | earthenshovel        | Ability to dig up burrowed adventurers (combat)
 Elemental           | garashshackle        | Themed shackle (misc)
 Elemental           | mudbomb              | Greatly increases flying balance time (combat)
 Elemental           | searedglyph          | Attach to shield to periodically reflect damage to denizens (hunting)
 Elemental           | firetank             | Grants xp to all in room (misc)
 Elemental           | sceptre              | Conveys ability to CAST FLOOD (combat/misc)
 Elemental           | harness              | Allows travel to islands from islands (misc)
 War                 | gildedbit            | Sends you to a random guardless room during war (combat)
 War                 | pigeon               | Conveys ability to FARSCOUT - distant fullsense (combat/misc)
 War                 | portalhoop           | Give portals ability (misc)
 War                 | rottingremains       | Afflicts with dementia or nausea periodically (combat)
 War                 | observantsigil       | Reveals location of someone stationing guards (combat)
 War                 | warcloud             | Temporarily adds fog weather condition (combat)

Jumpy said:
The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 


  • Without further adieu

    I think you meant "ado"

    Adieu means goodbye.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • @Saonji

    Please send all complaints DIRECTLY TO the trash bin, as I will not be accepting any critiques.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • @Iaxus Too late, you already acknowledged the complaint.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

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  • This is super helpful for someone who hasn't had much experience with talismans, and it gets overwhelming with all the options and pieces sometimes. Thanks!

  • Newbie here, how do you get/build/hunt for a - mayafigurine

  • edited June 2021

    With a lot of patience, haggling, and a visa card.

    The Maya figurine is part of a promotional talisman set. You can wait for the right set to be promoted again, buy a bunch of (insert one of the Achaean loot box gimiks here) from the website and hope you get lucky. Or you can try to buy pieces from other players... usually for credits.

    The third way is to get a few pieces from above methods (1 or 2) and what for the talisman shop in Delos to be themed for that set and complete it there with credits. (I like this one because most of my credits are bound and this is the only way you can use bound credits for this.)

  • I don't think the races set has appeared in the talisman shop and figurine is enough of a chase artie that I don't think it will for a while.

    It's also not particularly worth it unless you're already kitted out for hunting: L3 weapon, L3 stat, L3 crit pendant, your crit paragons in a suit of artie armor, and your tankiness arties. Yes, it's a significant boost and double-tapping mobs is a bonus to survival, but you'll get better results for your money by upgrading everything else first.

  • Salvaging damage from crit overkills is a huge deal on just about any class, doubly so for ones that hit hard and slow. Even if you're unartied. I'd go out on a limb and say that the Maya figurine is probably the single biggest DPS increase you can get for bashing across all the artefacts.

  • @Eurice Only if you can consistently get WSC or PRC. Under 80 without artes you will never see them. @Orzon said they were a newbie so it won't increase damage at all. Maya is a win more item.

  • edited June 2021

    If you don't believe me, Aetolia has maya figurine effect (overkill) as an innate hunting skill past a certain level and even at very low rates of critical, it produces a noticeable DPS increase once you get it.

    Just to be clear, I'm not advocating focusing on it over much more economical options for survivability, but it's a lot more powerful than I think most people realize.

  • edited June 2021

    ??? Everyone realises how good Maya figurine is.

    Everyone also knows it's not *"worth"* having if you're not maxed out already (it regularly sells for 2k+ credits). People like comparing to Aetolia all the time, forgetting that Maya ONLY procs on 32/64x crits.

    The triad of whale bashing arties are the two crit paragons, and maya figurine. On their own they're not THAT exceptional (especially for their price). Together, though, they're frankly absurd.

    * Worth is subjective.

    eta: The two paragons (together) are probably better on average. And also 'cheaper', since they can be bought with renown credits. And also aren't subject to RNG and players, for getting one.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

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  • Maya is a great Talisman, but as Saonji says it's only really worth having when you have the ability to have a higher number of high end crits as it only carries damage over from WSC (Or PRC if you have the Paragon). Also really works well with those and Matic for walking into busy mob rooms.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • edited June 2021

    Oh. I was mistaken there, then. I assumed it applied to all crits.

    In that case, yes, you're right, there's definitely way better things to get. A shame there isn't a "lesser" version of the figurine that applies the same overkill functionality to lesser crits. I'd definitely buy that.

  • One time Seragorn took me bashing through Annwyn.

    What would have taken me 20~30 minutes, he did in about 7 minutes or less. Bashing arties absolutely are disgusting when stacked together (See: I only have level 1 crit. He has scythe, level 3 crit, paragons, maya figurine, etc).

  • Eurice, that wouldn't be lesser, that would be morer....

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Would like to emphasize the price point on Maya too. @Saonji mentioned it, but 2000+ credits is not an exaggeration - I’ve sold a couple maya pieces (1/4th of figurine) anywhere from 500-800 credits depending on supply at the time. Please don’t get maya if you aren’t already pretty heavily bashing artied or you’re going to regret spending that much.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Alright! Thank you all for explaining this! is going to be a while before i even consider Maya, 2000+ credits yikes! I'll build on bashing arities first.

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