Player Count

This is a small feature, one that I liked in Lusternia.

At the bottom of lists such as CWHO, QW, HWHO, etc, it would be nice if there was a count of players online in said orgs. Something like: There are 29 visible citizens on this plane, plus another 11 whose presence you cannot fully sense.

It's nifty to see a readily available number of players online, in your orgs.


  • AktillumAktillum Philippines
    I agree with OP, in the meantime you can check here.

  • NimNim
    edited January 2013
    Technically QW2 shows a total, but QW and QW2 show different "Plus another ## whose presence you cannot fully sense." values, not to mention QW2's total is different from the link Aktillum provided, so :-/ 
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