I need help building a monk offense.

I have an offense. It's all aliases, but I'd rather use keybindings. I need help creating the code. I'd like some automation, too. I want to bind everything to the numpad. Imagine a little man on the numpad. 8 being the head, 4 and 6 are the arms, etc. 2 would be for swk. I'm not sure what to do with 7,9, /,*, -, and +. I've only learned the bbt kill path. I would also like something for mind scythe path as well. I would use alt and shift as modifiers. I'm willing to compensate for time. I don't want to just use someone else's. I find it confusing. I do better if I build it myself. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have it set up like that for axing and dstrikes but am redoing my whole biz right now.

    I also have a Logitech keyboard with like... 54 extra macros.

    but you can do it right in mudlet. open the KEYS and name a new key "head" or something. then in the binding (or is it command?? Im not near the PC) window you click in the window, then hit SHIFT 8. click down in the large code box and put whatever you want (basically copy from the alias)

  • I've done that with what I have so far. I'm wanting to know how I should expand on it to include the mind scythe kill path.

  • First step would be finding a monk in game or otherwise to help you break down the path into steps so that you can start deciding which to map to which keybinds. People tend to be happier to give advice in game or on discord because on forums oh no everybody can see my secrets etc.

    You'd probably need modifiers like ALT and SHIFT for the various different combos and techniques there are for achieving the scythe - I'm pretty sure @Namino has something like eight unique paths.

  • The monks I know in game are usually busy with other things and don't have the time to break things down step-by-step. There is a scroll I can access that describes one or two paths.

  • I'd love to have Namino teach me about monk and how to build a system.

  • I can't quote because stupid new forums but this part: "The monks I know in game are usually busy with other things and don't have the time". 99% of people, if you're genuinely interested and not just asking people to do it for you, will definitely sit down and walk you through anything. If you're coming at them like "hey build me an offence" probably not.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • No, I want help. I'd rather build it myself. That way, I can understand how it works better and can tweak and bugfix easier.

  • I have arrived.

    I will never turn anyone away for asking for help. But helping anyone ICly right now would be difficult for... reasons.

    If you have discord I can definitely go through all the theory and setup there.

  • You have emoted: Namino quickly sketches something on a wax tablet before displaying several crude diagrams of one person kicking and punching another, complete with small arrows and the onomatopoeia of bones being broken.

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    On a separate note in response to @Romaen , I have no issues publicly explaining killroutes and counters. I just don't think everyone wants to read a massive treatise on the forums and it's sort of hard to have a back and forth to ask questions here rather than on discord.

    Brainstorming ways around what I'm already doing and hypothetical counter counters is one of my favorite pastimes in Achaea. Having someone successfully juke what I'm doing and force me to engineer some crazy Kung fu shit to get around gem of negation or whatever is the spice of Achaea combat afaic, and letting everyone know how they're dying to the basic routes facilitates cool combat encounters.

    Just don't spam mending. That's mondo boring.

    Tl;dr: I only suggest discord because the forums suck for back and forth brainstorming.

  • @Namino I have discord. I'll message my information to you.

  • Or just make a Matsuhama thread a la "Curing Bible" by Atalkez

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