A permanent Classlead type thing for quality of life changes.

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Pretty much I idea'd it as Idea 138, but I'm fairly certain the idea system is pointless since there's idea 1-724 and im not reading all of them.

But for instance the arc classlead ( 142 ) (wasn't mine) Has no real effect on class balance. but is a quality of life type buff that seems like we should have an optimal place to put these things besides waiting 4 months for a classlead.

Mostly came to this conclusion because I never thought to classlead firelords on fire healing, which pops up on screen every few seconds and was instantly the first thing I entirely gagged out. because it's absolutely spammy, and kinda pointless, other than a reminder of hey your on fire.

But! I have access to 3 out of the.. 25 classes (counting elords+dragon) so im sure other classes have the same problem on other abilities that should be addressed.

Granted I would be happy with instead of an in-game mechanic if we just had a place on forums where we could say hey this is like x and I feel it shouldn't be like x. especially since some things might be bugs and not be intended to work in that suitation


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    One of the big issues I see with that is you have too many people who think “this would be a nice QoL change” when they don’t understand that it would have a meaningful effect on balance. It’s just another IDEAs list for people to sort through, only this time someone has to decide if it actually affects balance or not.

    Classleads already have a long enough turn around anyway. I don’t think we would want another system similar to it delaying them even more :(

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    IMO the IDEA system could just use a little work. There are some pretty obvious flaws - for example ideas pertaining to specific classes (most people won't weigh in or may just not support or censure purely out of class bias) and this is even worse for factional stuff (I tried getting a QoL change for Rite of Prayer and it got like +5 but also -6 and ended up at 0, and I'm pretty sure that's just because only 5-8% of the playerbase generally supports Targossas getting a faction specific QoL improvement).

    My personal opinion is that the old way of doing classleads was probably better, it just requires making sure the right person (or people) are selected for each class and faction.

    It becomes that person's job to filter things or help idea submitters modify their idea into something reasonable.

    "Idea Management" is actually a very well-established thing in the business world - maybe IRE might take a page out of that book?

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