Early to mid-game adventures for new players

I would love to see more adventures that new players (like me) can partake in, and that also align with the experiences you typically have at this stage in the game. Renown comes in fast when you have your newbie tasks, but it plummets dramatically afterwards. Many of the current adventures aren't accessible at this point, either. If you want the daily credits, you're basically left with the option of grinding out quests (average 30 renown from what I've seen, so you'll need to do 60+ different quests) or hoping to piggy back with stronger players doing adventures (I've not yet seen this at all, but just assuming it's something that happens in busier cities...)

Here are some of my ideas for adventures to make the early game experience continue to feel rewarding:

  • exploring a certain number of NEW rooms
  • reaching a new explorer rank
  • easier hunting targets (gated to only those below a certain level). Like perhaps the 'bosses' of each area - I noticed lots of areas tend to have 2-3 leader-type denizens that are stronger than the rest
  • interacting with other people, such as says, tells, city channels, etc
  • Kill X number of mobs
  • Kill X number of mobs as a group
  • rewards for partaking in RP (not sure how this would manifest but would love to hear ideas. In Ashtan we have some pretty cool ritual stuff that I just got to witness)

While writing this, it just occurred to me - why not have more tasks even after novicehood? Since tasks seem great for one-off things, and adventures are recurring.

I'm otherwise loving Achaea and the really nice people I've met, Hoping to see more new people joining, and more importantly, staying!

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