Retirement Class Choice!?

Hi Achaea! I just retired with 2900 credits from Imperian, I was wondering what the best class to reach Dragonhood the quickest with might be? PvP in Achaea looks really interesting but before I get into anything outside of group combat I'd like to reach dragonhood. This is my main goal when starting my character so any advice on how to use my credit pool to reach that goal would be awesome! This game has so many different classes and flavors that are really interesting to me so I'm really open to any suggestions. I'm looking for a bashing monster that I can reach 99 with the fastest as well as stack up some gold to start exploring other avenues of the game.


  • Achaea just did a PvE rework so in theory bashing (especially at the low end) should be more or less balanced.

    Just design a character and go with what's fun.

    I'd probably recommend DW for a not-so-conplex class that can swap specs once a day between a petty amazing basher and great PvE, or a mix of both. Anything works though.

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    2900 credits, let's see. Here's my suggestions in no particular order.

    Apologies for the terrible mobile formatting:

    1. 2H Runewarden - 300 credits into Weaponmastery gets you a full offense, your entire defense is fullplate/runes, neither of which you need to give yourself. This gives you 2600 credits to play with for a weapon, which I'd stay at L2 so you can buy some tankiness. While 2H is great for bashing, it's really lacking in group potential.

    2. Serpent - 300 credits for Subterfuge, 800 for a L2 lash, 800 for an SoA, so 1000 credits for tankiness. You'll be squishier than Runie, but Subterfuge is great utility and better for group combat.

    3. Shaman - 600 credits for trans Curses and Spiritlore, and 800 for an SoA is more expensive skill-wise than the other two, but it's refundable if you hate Shaman post-dragon. You don't need a weapon, so you can spend the rest of your trust fund on tankiness. Shaman is pretty good for groups, although you may not find yourself actually confirming the kills a lot.

    4. Pariah - 300 credits for Memorium, 800 for an SoA (that you can only use while bashing, unfortunately), rest into tankiness. No real need to touch Pestilence or Charnel until you want to get into combat, definitely don't buy the knife unless you want a pretty one. Squishier than the non-Serpent options, but has a decent killing speed once you get the hang of Epitaph.

    You also might consider picking a class you *want* to play and go pick up an Elemental Lord: Plenty of people can carry you through the questlines, they're all decently tanky and okay for bashing. Fire is definitely the best basher in my opinion, so that's an option.

  • Is there a level requirement for elemental questline?

  • Shaman and runewarden both seem like good fits. I like the fact that shaman can focus on more defensive options seems very cost friendly in the long run. How do these classes stack up?

  • @Eolan No level requirement, but it depends on how hard you get carried by your elemental sherpa. Fire and Earth have a few duels that may need you to have *some* ability to tank, but the others should be doable at nearly any level.

    @Ezikio In terms of what? Hunting wise, Shaman will probably outpace Runie until you add artie weapons and such. Combat wise, Runie's waaaaaay easier to pick up and learn but caps out if you don't artie it up, Shaman is complicated to start out but the skill ceiling is way up there.

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    @Gallida I think it's only 434 credits to dual trans, if my math is correct - unless retirement credits don't count for the credit bonus on new characters?

    For 2h Runewarden

    • level 2 sword(is hammer better for hunting?) 800cr
    • level 2 pendant 600cr
    • Level 1 con belt 400cr
    • level 1 health regen 300cr
    • level 1 reserves 350cr
    • 300 Credits for lessons

    Total: 2750, with a remainder of 150cr to use on other skills or pipes?

    Is strength the go to for runewarden or could I spec con and be extra tanky?

    For Con Focused -

    • Tash'la gives 12str/16con(17con with belt) or 14str/14con (15 con with belt)
    • Dwarf gives 12str/15con(16con with belt) or 14str/13con(14 con with belt)

    For Strength Focused -

    • Xoran gives 15str/12con(13con with belt)
    • Troll gives 15str/12con(13 con with belt)
    • Satyr gives 15str/11con(12 con with belt)
    • Tash'la gives 14str/14con(15 con with belt)

    I believe runewarden gets an extra con with a rune too so even more tanky!

    For Shaman

    • SoA 800cr
    • 600cr for Lessons
    • Level 1 con belt 400cr
    • level 1 health regen 300cr
    • level 1 reserves 350cr
    • level 2 pendant 600cr

    Total: 3050 - Little over my retirement pool but I will be able to substitute some of the credits I put aside for lessons I get from leveling up. At level 80 I will have accumulated 180 bound credits from leveling(1080 lessons) and need only 404cr for dual trans.

    Delayed Total: 2854cr

    I read that Int is good when you have a bunch of artifacts but I think I'll just go with Con focus for now to help with hunting and get a footing in this world! Leaving Tash'la and Dwarf for the better races.

    Thoughts on the list I got for biggest bang for my buck for hunting?

    These two classes both seem like a lot of fun. Both classes seem like they'd be kitted just about the same in terms of tankiness(artifact wise) with runewarden having a bit more tankiness in their kit than shaman? Shaman definitely seems like more of an interesting combat class once post-dragon where runewarden seems rather linear, though I don't see that as a downside since it might make dipping my toes into combat a tad easier - granted, I'm not afraid of a challenge! Vodun does sound interesting once I get around to learning it - Seems like a bunch of utility!

  • Correction with runewarden, weathering gives +1 con, jera gives +1 con and +1 strength.

    So with Tash'la I could go with the 14/14 base which would put me at 17 con with jera, weathering, con belt plus a little more from level one bracelets. I could also add +1 con or +1 strength from trait. Allowing me to reach 18str(with fury) with 17 con.

    If runewardens don't benefit greatly from speccing strength for souly hunting - I could go 12str/16con base allowing me to get 13str/20con which just seems absurd.

    As for shaman, I was told Marak attunement gives plus one con so I could reach 19con with tash'la which also sounds very tanky.

  • Bumping for help

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    I don't understand. Did you not get help or are you waiting for an answer you want to hear? I dont ask to sound like a dick but...

    How about you just try one? Your question now boils down to which race... Be a Nike swoosh and Just Do It. Worst case you hate it and can switch race/spec. Hell, you can switch class and you seem to have done a ton of research already.

    You seem determined on Runewarden Tash'la. The rest you can ask IG where there is a wider population to answer your questions (you dont need to spec race or traits right away and can wait a few to select DWC, DWB, 2H, etc). Plus then you get a better shot at feeling the class out.

    I have to admit for the life of me I will never understand people playing a RPG based on decisions of others just to lolMax. Try it. If you dont like it, Suicide your char, and try a new one before spending the credits. Try them all first if need be, then see what fits YOU and YOUR style. (25 years ago Sentinel was the worst class in the game but I liked it. Been one for 600+ IG years now)

  • It's true, you can change basically everything on your character except for divorces lul.

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    Technically you can hide those.

    Couple that with refusing to bloodline anyone, and nobody will know about your bad decisions.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

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