Newbie deciding between Ashtan Occultist or Hashan Alchemist

Hi! I am having a hard time choosing a character to invest my time in, between an Occultist in Ashtan or an Alchemist in Hashan. I have played around in both now and there are things I like about both. Without going into too much detail, my preferences so far have been:

  • Occultist over Alchemist (I like the flavour of Occultist and what abilities they have at their disposal)
  • Hashan over Ashtan (I prefer Hashan's ambition - understanding the universe, over Ashtan's - conquering the world. Hashan also had better newbie support in terms of help files and resources so far, which I appreciate a lot)
  • Nice people exist in both orgs so far!

If I had to describe the character I'd like to play, they'd be chaotic neutral, not a big combatant but happy to play a support role, and be into questing and PvE. For roleplay, they'd keep out of politics and be an esoteric knowledge seeker. I also like structure, but not to the point of being anal about every little detail (I have played IRE games a loong time ago and remember being forced to write essays and take long exams that you could fail... would rather not).

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say about being in either city or class, and maybe what a typical 'day in the life' is like during peak playtime for you!


  • Both have great flavour, both allow for excellent character RP and opportunities.

    I've played both and loved both (Occie was a real wrench to lose but it made sense). The keyrites in Ashtan were always pretty cool and their Chaos nature leans towards some great potential. That said, the same can be said of Alchemist and Hashan, especially with the new lab.

    Ashtan is a little quieter than in recent years, Hashan a little noisier, but ultimately pick the flavour that intrigues you most and go with it. Nothing is really permanent in Achaea as far as choices go.

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