Legend Deck Manager

I'm happy to share my legend deck manager script with everyone.

It is designed to make legend decks less of a pain in the ass, basically!


 - Formatted output of your Legendary Deck (replaces in-game LDECK LIST command and output)

 - Every card has a primary category and a list of tags, which you can use to filter just those types of cards.

 - Color coded categories, + quick reference guides for each card's function.

 - Hover over any card's description for the full, long version of it.

 - CLICK on an card's description to send the LDECK SEARCH [card] command for that card.

 - If you have a joker, it will be displayed with [ J ] indicator. Green means it's available, red means it's not. 

 - You can CLICK on the Jester indicator [ J ] to draw it for that card instantly.

 - All colors (including borders, basic text) are configurable in Settings (LDM Functions file)

 - Set FAVORITES by listing them in settings (LDM Functions file), which will display a handy ▸ marker next to them.

- Can toggle the system on/off (LDM [on/off] alias)

- Suit & Collection output shows what cards you're missing.

- All colors are configurable, including borders in settings.


LDM [on/off] - toggle or set the system on/off

LDECK LIST [category | suit name | collection name] -

In order to make sure you're getting the most recent version, please download the .zip from here:



  • Add tracking functionality for when you actually use your cards. This would allow you to check the ldm.deck table to see if you have charges available or not.
  • May or may not add a "click to draw card" functionality. For now I decided not to, except for Jokers.
  • Full collection output mode (would be multiple screens worth of text, but would essentially be the same as LDECK LIST [collection name] but for all collections.



  • edited May 2021

    The site has been updated with v1.02, which fixes a handful of bugs that were reported today, as well as a few corrections on functionality of cards that I don't own. Thanks to all who've helped out!

    Probably a few more issues to be found, and more good ideas as well.

    v1.02 adds:

    JOKER [card] - alias which simply charges whatever card you specify. You can do the same thing by clicking the [ J ] in the UI as well, so whatever works for you!

    Other people have reported issues due to weird pagelengths. If you're using a super short pagelength, you won't see your whole deck with the LDECK LIST command. This breaks the system current, and I'm working on a fix. You'll want to set your pagelength to something larger than the number of cards you have until this is resolved.


    Currently, the system overrides the LDECK LIST command (it hijacks it and does its own thing, as long as the system is currently enabled). Someone suggested that get scrapped and just use a separate alias (eg. LDM [command]). Thoughts on this?

  • Small typo was pointed out to me today, thanks to the person involved.

    For people who own black boar card, need to change "BlackBoar" in the DB script to "Blackboar" (no capital). This can be found on line 459 of "LDM database" script, if you're up to date on v1.03.

    The change will be reflected on all future updates, of course.

  • ColganoColgano Nebraska

    @Shecks you're welcome :P Thanks for the coding work making it heh.

  • How did you trace it to Blackboar? I've been too lazy to dig into why this doesn't work for me, and only returns a very abbreviated list of cards. (Yozhik, Zh'risia, Patches and Icosse). Fixing Blackboar makes it return many more, and I get the same error pointing to an attempting to index a nil value.

  • ColganoColgano Nebraska

    Trial and error. Heh.👽️

  • @Shecks @Colgano

    Line 331. Han-Silnar.

    Needs to be Han-silnar.

  • Appreciate ya both @Treyal , @Colgano , of course tough to test the arbitrary syntaxes without owning every single card - but I'm pretty sure we're getting close to 100% with the handful of reports. I'll give it a couple more weeks then will roll out an update to include all of these. In the meantime if anyone is seeing errors, they can simply fix the black boar / hans-silnar issues above in the DB script (instructions above) for an immediate fix.

  • Thanks for this, Shecks. I don't have many cards but this script is really helpful. Changed a few colors up for personal preference and looks neat.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I found the same issue, but did not see this comment. The reason was because "BlackBoar" is what the parser was looking for, but the card is listed as "Blackboar". The capital B in Boar was causing the break. Took me quite a while. Wish I had seen this comment earlier :P

  • HhaosHhaos Cortland, Ohio
    Is there going to be any updates for those of us that are coding nubs that can never grasp these kinds of things?
  • Hhaos said:
    Is there going to be any updates for those of us that are coding nubs that can never grasp these kinds of things?
    What updates are you wanting? I can probably do it, I just am behind on new cards and such.
  • edited February 2023
    Updated with the Hunt cards. Also made it so the alias changes your changes your pagelength to max and then back to default (20) since it doesn't handle 'more'. Update the aliases if you use a non-standard default pagelength, or something.

  • Thanks to Grandue for pointing out that I had missed updating some card's short descriptions:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/obffqi06xwco524/Legend Deck Manager v1.06.mpackage?dl=0

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