Reincarnation to a different race rp help.

I’ve recently reincarnated from another race to a saytr. Role play wise trying to come up with a story to justify it.

so far I thought about dabbling with magic and letting elemental lord’s experiment on me the something went wrong and I was reincarnated into my current race.



  • Race RP is a bit hit and miss at times, but I believe it's widely accepted that re-incarnation and race changes are a common occurrence, especially due to the Artefact that allows you to do this. That said, Sobby has been Satyr his entire life and was / is quite well known as a Satyr, although recently I acquired a Race Change Talisman so have been experimenting with those in both my classes. Might seem a weak justification, but I simply justify this as "Progress and Experimentation". Which class can I hunt efficiently in, which can I fight efficiently in, which allows me to better express parts of his personality, while always coming back to being a Satyr.

    That said, as a one off change, now we have the Lab within Hashan you have a ready made background and justification for intentionally changing or "experiment gone wrong" type change. Ultimately up to you and nothing you write into your character is really going to be "wrong".

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  • I kinda disagree with Sobriquet here - but I have not kept up with Hashan for several RL years and I may be outdated here. If so, no worries!

    Reincarnation has real canon in Achaea - Deucalion sacrificed his life and in doing so gave mortals the ability to reincarnate into other races (other races were added at the same time but I can't remember how that worked). Previous to that it was not possible.

    Inventing a new method of racial reincarnation would be a big deal and isn't something you can just decide to make up one day. I would personally consider it pretty bad RP on an OOC level. IC I would laugh at you and call ya crazy cause what you're claiming to have done is not possible.

    Rather than come up with a method of reincarnation/forced reincarnation, maybe come up with a story/series of events that lead up to a desire to reincarnate instead?

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    @Cooper, how do you justify this stance knowing that Deucalion also existed in a time after he sacrificed his life to do that? If He sacrificed His life, He shouldn't have been able to just come back when Targossas needed Him, right?

    I'm not here to question you knowledge of canon; this is a sincere question. I have my own head canon for why this might be (and it's definitely shaped by Eryl's thoughts on Divine), but I'm curious to know how Cooper the character would laugh that off while Cooper the character also was actively fighting against Deucalion in recent decades.

    Edit: To at least attempt to stay on topic, you'll find that just about everyone has their own thoughts on how/why reincarnation works ICly. For some, it's just a physical body that undergoes changes whenever they see fit to change it. For some, it's more akin to feeling like your shard (is that still canon? i doubt it is. i think that's a remnant of the old tutorial.) was in the wrong physical form. For others, they simply cannot comprehend what it would be like to be another race.

    Ultimatley, race related RP is deeply personal, and there are countless ways you can RP it. Much like Cooper suggests, though, depending on how "deep" or "heavy" your explanation is, you might run into canonical issues!

    Edit2: Fun fact, there is a "tradition" of "racial tolerance" in Achaea. I am convinced this is strictly applied to player-run organisations, as there are many instances of racial intolerance within Achaea (although I don't think there are any mechanical barriers that are based on race, and would love to know if there are).

    In past times, the humans, who built most of modern civilization, refused entry
    into their society to the non-human races. In the time of Nicator the Empire
    and the Church both accepted all races. This tradition of racial tolerance has
    continued to the present.

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    All that is also explained, at least to some degree, by the Lore. It's always a bit of an interesting read - but Deucalion/Dunamis has died more than once and its definitely been acknowledged and used as a jab to Him in-game.

    The name of the events that led to reincarnation and Deucalion's sacrifice are known as the Death's Heart saga. And then subsequently during the Bal'met saga he was pulled back from the void using His sword, the Sword of Dunamis. He was definitely not alive and around inbetween those two.

    The wiki has a bit of a description on the event -

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    Thanks, @Taryius! The metaphysical implications for the Divine's "self" that this opens is causing my brain to overload.

    I got to explain part of my collegiate research fellowship to fifth graders today. None of them really cared, but it's always fun to talk about something you're really passionate about. My fellowship was to study the metaphysics of quantum mechanics, particularly how we justify psychological continuity in the Everettian interpretation (a.k.a. the multiple-worlds interpretation). If the superposition of the self never collapses (meaning the self exists in every possible alternative alongside what you are experiencing), why do we only experience the psychologically continuous self that we experience?

    My mentor's proposed solution has to do with quantum entanglement. This happens when a group of particles (like yourself) become SO ENTANGLED with other groups of particles (impartial observers) that it is no longer possible to describe either group without also describing its relationship to the other group. Since electrons do not exist in neatly organised "shells" but instead exist in a more erratic cloud-like state, your electrons and those of everything around you are constantly mingling with each other, causing you to be entangled with all those things.

    Now I teach kids not to eat things off the floor, so I mean yay college?

  • @Eryl Taryius is right - Deucalion came back only cause the Sword of Dunamis was found and used to get him back. It felt like a retcon at the time but after I read up on the sword it made sense.

    If you didn't know, there is an Achaea wiki and it has TONS of information on it. I don't remember when or who, but an admin said the wiki could be considered in game knowledge by any character.

  • The Achaean wiki is your best friend during quizzes if you have some vague idea of the question and can type fast.

  • @Gallida, I would have no idea just how helpful the wiki could be during a quiz. Nope. Not a stitch. Not me.

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    @Cooper, I'm less interested in that (oh but trust me, I am reading about it bc it's neato) and more interested in the following questions:

    Did Deucalion cease to exist upon entering the void, or would we say his existence is just paused?

    In either situation, how does Deucalion's self experience this interruption to his existence? Think about it: he could have endlessly suffered in an eternal isolation and then be pulled back into the world OR he could have experienced both the ending of his existence and his sudden second existence back to back with no discernable measurement of time in between them. How fucking wild would that be?

    Also, it's the void. Does time exist in the void? How would the void change something? Would it change more based on how long it was in there, or would it always be the same amount of change no matter the time?

  • Not be a cliche but this specific line of question is probably a conversation best reserved for in the game itself.

    Mainly because I'm sure there are not a lot of concrete answers on this, or those that do have this knowledge probably worked hard to earn it either through order or what not.

    But it is a pretty thrilling line of questioning, the concepts of Divine death seem to be pretty well guarded (likely because if I was a God I wouldn't be going around talking about the mechanics behind how I can die) and at what point is resurrection viable. Apollyon got killed, more or less, and then popped out of Sartan with a fully changed personality and a Divine realm built upon what he experienced, and then he got killed again but for reals now? Anyway, I need to take my own advice and not ramble on... also what void are they talking about? Like Babel void, or some other void? bah - there I go again dammit.

  • That would be a discussion to be had with Babel folks, and I'm sure it would be very interesting!

    During Bal'met Aurora was brought forward in time by Aeon. Her perspective would be exactly your second theory - all of the sudden she's just in the future.

    I personally don't know more about void stuff but it would be fun to read about.

  • To get back to the OP:

    Coming up with a good story for a change in your character can be great. But sometimes, when you can't think of anything suitable, it can also be perfectly acceptable to do it "stealthily" and simply pretend that your "new" character was what you played all along. After all, your character is still very young and it's normal that you're still in the process of defining him.

    My character started out as a human, but at one point I decided I wanted to play a mhun for RP reasons. I reincarnated into mhun, never really talked about it to anyone, and soon enough, everybody pretty much thought that Iocun had been a mhun all along. People are bad at remembering such stuff. If someone -had- asked, my explanation would have been that Iocun had a human and mhun parent and that eventually his mhun traits came out more strongly (a rather easy explanation, seeing that mhun and humans are quite similar to begin with), but nobody ever asked.

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