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    Hrm, looked at 5 months worth of logs, Cyrene guards always hit in the same prompt when ashtan/eleusis/targ/hashani guards do not.

    *edit: They also attacked the same target when the other guards didn't.

  • they are highly trained

  • Highly trained..


  • These forums lately make it clear the opposite is true. Clearly it is some devious trick to get Cyrene nerfed by the Admin/Gods.

    I don't mind CFH. I think I've used it a handful of times. It is good for an understaffed city, and helps in large raid groups. It helps convey the 'we don't want to play right now' as well - which is why some cities jumping right on moving guards (to me, at least) comes across hypocritical and downright laughable. However the IG justification holds that if you have them, they get 'paid' to protect from raiders and enemies.

  • Okay first off. @Caelan if you guys don't want to play don't log into a game.. you know that thing people PLAY.

    On CFH, it's ridiculous. I get that people want to feel safe in a city, and to a degree you should be. However guards are pretty much mobile bulldozers that run through raid parties like a hot knife through butter. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've seen over deathsight whole ass raid parties decimated by guard stacks. Or been in a raid party that sat there while the defending city had the numbers, but opted to CFH. I'm of the mindset if you don't want to defend, don't join a city or don't engage, and if you don't want to play.. well don't log in? Alt out? You don't even have to defend while logged in, but sending an army of NPC warriors is kinda meh.

    The idea guards shouldn't die? That's the dumbest idea i've heard. Guards are wickedly strong, stun, knock down flyers, entangle, no.. they absolutely should be killable. I personally don't think they should be near as strong as they are given the high numbers they can accumulate in.

    Cities are TOO safe as it is. Marked targets can simply run to one and hole up, it's kind of stupid and for a feature that seems to be so heavily endorsed with having war systems and sanction systems, cities are too well fortified with guards, totems, fonts, and purchasable defences. -Every- city has a huge guard stack + totem at the entrance, limiting who can even initiate an invade to begin with.

    Total honesty here, this whole thing where CFH is just this super weapon is why I dislike raiding. I play to play against other players, not a horde of npc.

  • @Sobriquet you should only log in if you run it by Maux and see what he wants to do that day and you are okay with that.

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    On the subject of guards -

    I wonder how it would work out if guards can't be moved if the number of foreign city "army" within the defender's walls is within a certain threshold of defending city "army" currently online. Guards would, of course, still be hostile no matter what and just as strong, just couldn't be a main go-to tool. Something along the lines of the guards responding "There are enough martial forces in the city to repel the invasion, the threat isn't dire enough for us to leave our posts."

    This could be a cool way to potentially reward raiding cities with near equivalent numbers while making raiding groups not feel like they're being trounced because "lol they called guards".

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo

    As has been stated ad nauseum in many many threads, numbers mean very little when it comes to raids. Composition of class and arties, experience and ability is what really matters, and there's no way to account for things like that with a script.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • @Shirszae Total retirement value * (1 + (total kills + total deaths) / total deaths)

  • @Shirszae Sure you can, if you give everyone a numerical value.

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  • Don't forget to add the meta modifier based on class choice.

  • And the 160% Mhaldor bonus

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    Ashtan and Mhaldor invented the batsignal you lil whippersnapper.

    It is true though, Targ does tend to go from 3v10 to 4v10 pretty often but that's mainly just Astarod waking up at 4am because his spidey sense tingled.

  • It's updated to reflect modern values, you god damn boomer.

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  • @Saonji I was so hoping someone would code something in more detail and pop out values for hypothetical groups. Which language is that?

    Just need a modifier for likelihood of extra people being available due to the time of the day, all 4 people in Targossas already being around.

  • Great, now I'm thinking of training a neural network to pick out relevant factors to combat and predict wins.

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    If you make money (IG or otherwise) off of it, it's illegal! :P Oh, I guess as long as it doesn't send any commands it's fine.

    I think that'd be cool and possible but you'd need an enormous amount of data for it to work, and new players come into the picture faster than you'd be able to pick up data on them.

  • Haha, that calculator is pretty awesome. I bet as a community we could make it pretty accurate over time if we can add more variables (like fighting location, shrines in area, truefavours, staff, old person who used to be good at pk but hasn't played in a long time so they are almost worthless now but their retire value is high).

  • Out of everyone's suggestion on a "hypothetical" scenario and voice of opinion. I cant believe im saying it, but i like Farrah's ideas the best.

    Stationing guards adding power to a Tank is brilliant, As well as only allowing a single minister or aide to station a guard at a time would make there use not the -go too- solution every time.

    To handle the problem of city layouts that seems to be a common trend. Maybe to settle this, increase value to significant rooms in a city, or make certain rooms have more repercussions. Such as blowing up the warehouse room in a city, renders it useless till the room is restored. Destroying the mail room in the city makes it non deliverable, banks not allowing withdraw/deposit etc etc etc... This will lean the city to defend those areas much more than other areas.

    Also, im not sure how possible it is code wise, but maybe add modifiers to tanks for if the tank is CLOSER to guards it progresses a bit faster or gains a slight bit more than usual?

  • Room damage stopping things being used is already a thing.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I think you should be able to bring along your guards to another city at some cost.

    They attack the other guards first if in room with them and players, and are more susceptible to die.

    Leaves your city defenseless, but gives you a shot at a gatet city.

  • Gonna be honest. This doesn't apply to me really at all and I didn't read much of any of ^

    But what do people think about having guards scale like denizens in forays, but scaled to number of enemies in the city?

  • @Peak Well to me the primary function of guards is keeping single persons out a bit to make the cities more secure, less so as a counter to raiding. What you suggest would undermine that.

  • @Greys that, I believe, assumes that people are generally reasonable.

    I suggest it for the sake of leveling the playing field at least a small amount. I wouldn't like to see it scaled to where it's impossible to go on guard bashing runs, just not as simple. Perhaps even weighing it against how many people online in that city are in the military. Having a 15+ person team raid a city with 4 people online in it starts poking at the number one rule of Achaea, "don't be a dick".

    Again, I would hope it would still be possible, just only possible with a properly coordinated effort and strategy so a large group can't just "dor assist;;kill" (sorry if I've just given anyone ideas) and obliterate all guards.

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