Apostate Combat

Hi. I am very new to Achaea and have been trying very hard to figure out a kill path for 1v1 combat as Apostate. As it stands now I am trying to truelock people and I continuously fall short. I wrote my own affliction tracker that is -okay- but I am having some real difficulties trying to figure out a kelp stack and goldenseal stack that actually works. I built a trigger that will switch stacks given if my current target is paralyzed and either eats to cure asthma or impatience. Further I have a trigger that will switch based on if I think they have impatience and asthma and cure for impatience (and vice-versa) I suppose the difficulty I am having is the set up which in the case of my kelp stack is as follows.

sicken, clumsy -> sicken, sensitivity -> (sicken, weariness if needed to lock) -> sicken, asthma ->impatience, stupidity -> sicken, confusion, try and sicken, sicken twice (to try and land slickness)...but at this point I will either seem them smoke or focus leaving me to start over again and just keep repeating until I am dead.

I suppose my question is, should I stick with trying to true lock or is there better, more reliable kill paths I should be working on?



  • I figured out my own issue. A small bug in my affliction tracker. I have fixed it and things are working better now!


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