Server Side defense checking & upkeep

Is there a way to accomplish this server side? I basically looking to be able to check my defenses and keep them up when fighting and turn them off when I am not. Never scripted before but I am learning. Any idea 💡


  • The in-game curing system handles defences and their upkeep, yes. CURING brings up the commands, or you can look at HELP CURINGSYSTEM, but the main commands you'll want to look at are CURING PRIORITY DEFENCE <name> <1-25>, DEFENCE LIST, and CURING PRIORITY DEFENCE RESET. CURINGSET commands are something else you might want to look into, so you can switch between classes (it will not stop trying to put up a defence your class does not have, for example, if you had it in defence priorities prior to switching), or go into a simpler defences mode on burst, things like that.

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