Archery possible as main combat focus?

I'm very new to Achaea and MUDs in general. Hoping to find one I can stick with. As the title reads - I'm extremely biased toward archery, marksmanship, using some sort of bow/crossbow in the games I play. I've read a few times through help files and browsing the forum that Serpent seems to be the best option but also that archery doesn't play a big role in combat.

Can someone confirm whether this is a fruitless endeavor? I'm not opposed to exploring other combat styles but do have a strong preference.

Appreciate it! And apologies if this is the wrong place for the discussion.


  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    sniping does a huge amount of damage in groups, and is appreciated in combat. 1v1, no.

  • If you just like Archery, then serpent is probably the way to go as they have exclusive access to Snipe which is far and away the best archery ability.

    If you just like the playstyle of fighting ranged, however, there are a lot of options. Monk could be said to be the best ranged class, but most classes (not all though) have at least one good option for ranged attacks comparable to shooting arrows.

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