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Is it just me or are these quests all EXTREMELY buggy.

I've yet to hear of anyone doing the quests without having to wait for an issue to come back for something to be fixed on at least firelord and earthlord.

Helped some folks with firelord and... bugged instantly.

I'm kinda confused why is this a constant thing. Did it not get tested before release or..?

Of course im basing this only on or around like 10-14 people so maybe they're just unlucky?


  • I had no problems completing Fire Lord. There are a very irritating things that seem like bugs but actually aren't.

    The volcanoes have a very annoying mechanic, but they're working as intended.

    Had no problems the two times I did Air Lord, or Water, either.

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  • I've done the earthlord quests twice and did not encounter any bugs either time. Not saying bugs can't happen, but it is possible to get through the whole thing with no bugs.

  • I know of at least 3 others who got stuck on certain parts of Earth, I definitely did for a few weeks. Water bugged out once too. A lot of the time I was able to get it going again by dropping the quest and trying again, but it didn't help for the Earth one and I wound up having to wait on a fix.

  • Can confirm earth lord is not bugged. I have been for a while bow, and know people completing it. Contact me in game and Dom mind find some time to give you a pointer or two!

  • Water had some really quirking and esoteric spots for the penultimate quest, but I wouldn't call it buggy. Just more of a 'its a puzzle whose clues only make sense after you solve it.'

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    Yea I had no issues with Fire Lord. We THOUGHT we were bugged, but we just didn’t understand the mechanics.

    ETA: I had north volcano

  • North volcano for Fire is fine.

    South volcano for Fire breaks if you look at it funny and is somehow even more broken then before the recent changelog.

  • I don't normally comment on quest bugs, but this is a common enough complaint that I'll just go ahead and echo most of the sentiments here. We get way more bugs about elemental planes than just about everything else. I'm not normally the one who handles them, so I can't give exact numbers, but at a rough estimate I'd say only about one in twenty of the bugs that come in about elemental planes are actual bugs, and of that five percent or so that are returned fixed, most aren't actually bugged, we've just made quality of life improvements regarding the issue in question (making certain interactions more obvious/forgiving/etc). The rest are mostly people just not understanding mechanics, or who are trying to rush through quests based off of word of mouth instructions rather than actually reading quest texts and filing complaints when they skip a crucial step.

    That's not to say they're perfect, and that you won't run into a bug now and then, but for the most part they're far more stable than most people tend to believe.

  • South volcano not working for me - and now 3 people telling me they had the same issue, and that there was no mechanic holding them back (that they were aware of), they all just had to abandon the quest, wait 1-2 hours, then repeat it over and over again until it randomly worked. I'm on 4 tries, still hasn't worked. :(

  • I've just put live a fix for the terraflame elementals. Sorry about this! Looks like a previous fix got mixed up.

    Going forward, please don't message Phaestus directly about quest problems - if a bug report/issue isn't handled and it's a major issue, you can message me instead.

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  • All I read was "if a bug report / issue isn't handled and it is a major issue, message me"

    @Ictinus have you met this population? EVERHTHING is a major issue and is never handled on time. You just fucked yourself. Spam Incoming!! (From the guy who spends 20 minutes trying to find/figure something out, ends up messaging Mak about the stupid shit, and figure it out about 8 seconds after the message is sent)

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    ends up messaging Mak about the stupid shit, and figure it out about 8 seconds after the message is sent)

    Guilty. Really wish recall message was a thing (not seriously speaking ofc)

    I remember I couldn't use my bow for like 3 RL days, and thought it was hella bugged, then finally found out that 'wear artefacts' wears your bow, and you can't use bows while they're being worn. Figured it out 8 seconds after giving up and messaging Makarios :(.

  • lol. I didnt message him about that but yeah... wearing the bow got me too when I first came back and was using WEAR.

  • Way to clickbait... I thought E-Lord stood for Edge Lord.. ffs

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