Comprehensive list of bashing arties, talismans, and consumables

So just today I found out that elemental scepters are a thing that help with bashing in the form of experience, damage, damage resistance and critical hits.

I'm certain there are other arties or talismans out there that affect bashing in some way that I'm missing out on, I wanted to put this list together for anyone interested, and also get some insights if there are more things that could be making the difference.

Looking at both speed and defense when it comes to this list, I'm not looking at utility (like wings, death's call, harness etc).


Stats (str, dex, int, con)

Bracelets (reserves)

Relevant Weapon

Crit Pendant

Collar (if magic damage based)

Diadem (if eq based)

Sip Ring

Health Regen (if not Suremekh'neina).

Auspicious Paragon (20% chance to increase the crit level)

Crucious Paragon (Gives Plane Razing Crits)

Shield of Absorption

Talisman / Non Artie shop

Deathcape (Stacking health bonus)

Suremekh'neina (L3 Regen)

Maya Figurine (WSC/PRC Crit overflow)

Environment Scepter (damage, exp, crit, damage resists based on environment)

Matic Card (next hit gauranteed crit)

Morimbuul (anti-web/entangle vs denizen)

Clouded glass lily (chance to +2% crit, lower chance to -1% crit).

Cullingblade (rage attack that hits 2 denizens)


Life Enhancement Elixir

Rare Minerals


Stat Sips

What else?? I'll repost a list further down if this expands.

Shecks snickers softly to himself.

Shecks lifts one hand to touch an earring of Sinope.

Blistered skin melting from his flesh, Shecks has succumbed to the effects of Novak, Trial-Elect of Antagony's darkshade.


  • Helm and cuirass from memento system (consumable), the fae cauldron from the faeshop (artie) off the top of my head.

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    There is also the fae sundial, for a crit bonus against Sidhe/Unsidhe depending on time of day.

    As for consumables there are those old Ledolian surcoats for temporary resists, and the clovers or whatever for some sort of crit bonus (not sure if it stacks with others).

  • Heart shaped chocolates

    Xp orbs / unnamed dolls (xp orbs are occasionally available in promos, unnamed dolls were a quest challenge reward)

    You mentioned rare minerals but profithyst probably deserves its own mention for xp boost

    IRE membership gives xp boost

  • Other sources of crit with varying levels of availability and some don't stack (clover bonus is the same as some of these, not sure which ones)

    Lucky trait

    Humgii racetrack bet failure


    Dragon hoard

    Wheel spin

    Luckbinder relic

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    What is "lantern" bonus ?

    Shecks snickers softly to himself.

    Shecks lifts one hand to touch an earring of Sinope.

    Blistered skin melting from his flesh, Shecks has succumbed to the effects of Novak, Trial-Elect of Antagony's darkshade.

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    It was some additional bonus to a promo last year, you lit them and got a city-themed line I believe. They conveyed a random bonus.

    Edit: Maybe two years ago? I can't remember at this point.

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    Human racial crit bonus is nice. There's also frogskin talisman for more stacking regen (grookbubble defence) which also defacto uses Sceptre to flood anywhere and put up bubble def. I would include Aldar Talsisman, Reincarnation gem, Deaths Call, Catarin, Nicator, lyre/wand of reflections, artefact shield tat, crystal tattoo, megalith/ox/boar/moon, olive branch, canopic jar, brain talisman, starburst flask, starburst stencils, endurance/WP regen arties, Maya card, custody talisman, elder dragon talisman, Fire Tank, Gold Collector, and almost all of the paragons including WP regen and resists (not just crit and spa), and the one that gives you prismatic against NPCs.

    There there are a ton of class arties for pve, but you can work that out (double Inspiration/Fury), etc.

    For utility there's a ton used for bashing including all the fast travel stuff including vibrating stick, pebble, knocker, island wings, shipreturn token, Trixy, etc etc.

    It was also mentioned already but I'll mention it again - fae cauldron is huge.

    There are also quests that give buffs but I'm not keen to share them publicly (if at all, other than a helpful hint or two).

  • Adding to the list for defensive, Quisalis Cloak.

    Not arties but alchie Ethian adds bonus to hunting damage, from friend, foe or multiclass.

  • Candle of Cessation (yes, it is utility, but if the point is to bash, it's important to know where to hunt)

    CTF city bonus (presently Eleusis)

    Druid harmony (Eleusis and allies only)

    Seared Glyph (elemental talisman, mostly good for laughs when something PNRs off of it)

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