Artefact Cart & April Promo

A few questions / comments.

1) What is this:? (A siren's skirl)

2) Can we add incandescent sigil please? Currently there is no way to buy one as it's not stocked in Delos or available through any promo since December (afaik!).

3) Sleeves priced at 100cr? Mmmmmmmmmmmkay.


  • From the wiki: A Siren's Skirl is a rare artefact shell which, when blown, will cause all mutual allies to automatically follow the player.

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    Question 1 answered by Atalkez (edit: and Kogan)

    A Siren's Skirl - BLOW SHELL to unleash the scream of the Siren and all mutual allies in the room with you will follow you.

    Considering that there's a 35cr ldeck card that does this, 500cr seems uh..... ultra meh.

  • Have you been advocating for artie handaxe prep without the sigil that stops people from picking up your axe this entire time?

  • ARTEFACT RECALL ALL makes that particular item completely useless.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • @Atalkez only if they're in someone else's possession. You throw that handaxe and move and forget where you dropped it?

    Hope you're okay with waiting for an hour.


    Guy who didn't know fist sigils existed and lost his artefact longsword, a LOT.

    Gave up the classless bash-o-thon at 89(10%)

  • Pretty sure the recall command has a balance on it anyway.

  • @Gallida

    It doesn't. You can grab it and give it to a pet though.

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    You can recall from other people's inventories, it's balanceless, that isn't the use for incandescent sigil.

    grabbing and giving to a pet IMO is violation of help honour as that's basically abuse of unintended code. It's not like the game designers specifically designed pets to work in this way. If someone did it to me I'd politely ask them to stop or would probably raise it to admin to ask about this / enforce it. That's not combat balance you're just basically cheating. Again though I don't want it for weapons, I want it for other things.

    I also track the room my handaxe is in with a variable, so impossible to lose it unless (and this happens) I leave it outside the arena or some dumb shit like that. Kinda wish there was a way to recall items on ground (or in pet inventories).

  • Have to agree about that. Taking my artie and giving it to your pet seems like an unintended action making me unable to get my artefact back which clearly isn't a normal thing unless I've lost it through my own mess up.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
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    Okay, I give it to a random denizen. I pick it up and immediately bury it. I do any amount of things that ARTEFACT RECALL ALL.

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    I think artie handaxes in the hands of anyone other than Sentinels is unintended code but go off.

    I don't think there are any player abilities that make you drop wielded items any more, most weaponry classes have access to gripping, everybody can have fist sigils, and there's always the taloned ring if you're super-lazy.

    With all those precautions in place, if you're losing your artie weapon during combat, you're probably not combat-ing right.

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    @Gallida not sure if you realize this or not but every single time you use a handaxe, it lands on the ground.

    Why Returning is not an add-on and/or Weaponry ability (god forbid the skill set had useful abilities) if not freely included on all artefact handaxes is beyond me, but a meta of stealing other players' artefact weapons mid-combat and doing weird gimmicks to prevent them from recalling them is definitely silly no matter how you slice it.

    It's also plainly untrue that handaxe is only for sentinels. The game has weapons like that (maces, scythes, etc) but this isn't one of them. Hell there is even a trait for it (which is almost exclusively used for handaxe).

    I'm all about fixing handaxe numbers but there's really no reason to suggest that only sentinels are capable of throwing axes at people. Let's not forget Weaponry is the same cost as an entire class skill and Throwing is one of the only things in it that is actually useful anymore.

    PS there's a dif active thread for handaxe discussion - let's try to keep this on the topic of the promo?

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