Weapon progression?

Hi! I'm a level 42 serpent and I started about a week ago, I think. Anyway, I'm using the whip I was given during the orientation but I have no idea when I need to progress and what I need to progress to.

Also, if someone could point me towards the right scabbard for a whip, I'd be grateful.




  • Almost all weapons of the same type are about equal in quality. The two big exceptions are weapons made by Legendary Blacksmiths which are slightly better and usually very expensive, and artefact weapons which cost credits and are usually noticeably better than regular weapons. The whip you were given at the start will likely do just fine until it decays.

    As a serpent you can use whips and lashes, and I believe a dagger in pvp. If I remember correctly a lash is faster but deals less damage. I'm sure there are plenty of serpents (I'm not one) that can clarify the difference between using a whip, a lash, and a dagger. You also may get a better answer in-game too.

  • Dirk in pvp.

    Lashes are better. The dps is the exact same between lash/whip except lash is significantly faster.

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  • Belthooks are for sheathing whips and lashes, use a lash for PvE because garrote is faster, for PvP it doesn't matter because the stats don't affect any of the skills you will use.

    Achaea doesn't really have item progression, the only real upgrade is to move into artefacts. Every other weapon/armour of a given type will be within 4 points of each other on a scale that goes to 255.

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