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I think stupidity proc should stop doing anything that costs balance or EQ, like secrets. The classes nowadays have sped up so much, with efficient curing and offense, a single stupidity proc that makes you do secrets can cost you an entire fight, and I think that spoils the fun. There are classes that can stick stupidity and confusion a lot and not letting you cure them quickly, a secrets proccing at this time is terrible, and the chance for it to proc immediately again is always there.

I suggest to remove actions that costs balance and equilibrium like SECRETS from stupidity. The proc rate blocking actions are good enough hinder and they are acceptable.


  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    I enjoy proccing it 3x in a row then proccing dizziness when I try to leave because I'm so behind.

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  • The 0 lesson in vision meta is here.

  • One time where I'd say an aff working the way it does in Imperian would be much better, there's already enough things in the game that mess with your balances. Remove all the idiotic emotes and shit as well, please.

    1st person: You forget what you were trying to do.

    3rd person: Saonji stares vacantly ahead.

    Replace all the messages, emotes, etc with something like this. Thank you.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

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  • They should add tumble <dir> to stupidity procs.

  • And credits sell 100 at 50.

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    Focusable affs are, and should be, extra potent. They're very easy to cure, and the argument of "if my opponent gives me confusion, dizziness, and stupidity at the same time it's really unpleasant" is not really valid as that's 3 focusable affs (meaning you could cure all 3 instantly without a huge stack of other affs on top of it).

    If someone succeeds in that much stacking just to secure stupidity and/or confusion then they'ved earned hindrance for a few seconds until you cure out of it (which really can't be stopped without a complete venomlock).

    IMO stupidity is one of the few non-lock affs left that really pose a threat, and it's also necessary for goldenseal stacks to have any threat, especially for classes that don't have impatience. Neutering it would have a lot more impact than just making stupidity less useful - it would make mental stacks and goldenseal stacks much weaker overall.

    The eq procs also enable a few killpaths for some classes that wouldn't be possible without it, at high end, and is also one of the only ways to hinder a few classes that otherwise can't be hindered much (like Occultist, Shaman, Apostate), so this change would be a direct buff to some classes and a direct nerf to others, which I don't think is warranted especially considering that the classes who need it offensively are classically weaker and the classes that are really bothered by it the most are classically much stronger (again, occie, Apostate, shaman) - so the change would effectively amplify an already existing imbalance.

    If you REALLY can't stand having stupidity then just prio it down or prio the mental stack that precedes it. You are forced to make this decision which is a clear fork, and removing the threat of stupidity (as without eq procs stupidity can be effectively ignored by spamming commands), you remove that fork from the game.

    Lastly this change would be introduce another barrier to entry for newer players as stupidity without eq procs could be 100% ignorable with good client-side scripting, and would also give a huge advantage to players with lower ping. Let's not make this advantage worse than it already is.

    tl;dr stupidity is a severe affliction by design and should remain one, and this change would make it far less useful.

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    The suggestion to make things dramatically easier to track by removing random emotes: strong disagree here. Add tracking (and scripting off of it) are already too strong, and this would just make it worse. Defensively you can already ignore this by gagging it and replacing it, and just using adding that message if you want it.

    Also, the suggestion to replace with a unique line (that isn't an emote) kills fake stupidity which is one of those things that makes combat awesome, so let's not kill it.

    I don't play Imperian but from everything I hear about combat there, we should not be trying to emulate it. Achaea's combat system is rich and complex, which IMO is one of the reasons it's still keeping 20+ year veterans engaged. The hidden cost of simplifying things is that it could make things a bit too linear and boring.

  • Sure are a lot of wrong things being said.

    1. Renegade/Saboteur is more complex than any class in Achaea, except maybe Bard and Jester. Not sure where you got the idea Imperian combat isn't complex. I'm guessing it's one of those, "I haven't been there but just trust me" situations.
    2. You can fake stupidity just as easily with a unique line, as without. It's really not hard to tell whether someone really has it or not. It doesn't make it any easier or harder to track.
    3. Literally no kill path is 'enabled' by eq-wasting procs of stupidity.
    4. Shaman and Apostate aren't any harder to hinder than Serpent, shadowstrike notwithstanding.
    5. None of the classes you listed are really bothered by stupidity, unless it's muddled from Psion which is a whole different can of worms. Pariah, Depthswalker and (probably) Priest are affected worse.
    6. Not sure what you're meaning by "that much stacking to secure stupidity" - Bard, Apostate, Shaman, Priest can all stick it very easily even with 'decent' curing. Psion takes some ramp up, but it doesn't require a ton of effort either. If you're trying to goldenseal stack without impatience, you're objectively wrong in your approach. Psion (and SnB I guess?) is really the only outlier here since they have focus knocks.

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  • "Focusables are easy to cure", this is not the case when you get stupidity, confusion and almost always guilt from a priest, this mental stack is never easy to cure. For many classes, sticking (or spamming) them is easy enough, saying they "earned" it is an overstatement.

  • Seems to be a pretty common misunderstanding that an impatience eat "blows" up a stack of mentals, when it really doesn't. Focus has a 2.5s cooldown, any good opponent will instantly be giving impatience back before you get a second focus up. You're not blowing anything up, you're getting an extra cure in when your goldenseal hits impatience, that's good but it isn't suddenly undoing all their afflictions, and they just have to keep pressuring until you don't cure it because you're sitting there paralysed while you're eating goldenseal.

  • @Taryius I don't think anyone said curing impatience (or guilt/sandfever for that matter) blows up the stack.

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  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    how do u fix irl stupidity

  • * STUPIDITY SECRETS will no longer be a valid stupidity reaction while paralysed.

    Looks good! Thanks!

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    * STUPIDITY SECRETS will no longer be a valid stupidity reaction while paralysed.

    Looks good! Thanks!

    Erh... Phone double post..

  • Archaeon said:

    how do u fix irl stupidity

    A 2x4
  • isnt focus 1.5s?


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