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I used to have this going for many years, but lost everything prior to my comeback in December.

Figured if I have to recode it, I'll make it system agnostic and share for others to use. Have fun!

This script tracks your hypnosis suggestions, showing hidden (no room message) affs and tracks procs while opponents are out of room etc. It's quite smart, and will also inform your tracker if you have one. Please read the instructions in the main script file. A few settings need to set initially (follow instructions), and it is required to either use the provided aliases or to change them to whatever your preferences are.

URL to hosted .zip file. Extract the file and upload using Package Manager.

Click here to download the .zip --> https://bit.ly/3v4A5uO

how it works:

it stores what you suggest then seal, and then does a few things as each aff arrives:

1) outputs a display for you (including hidden affs)

2) informs your tracker

3) shows you what is coming next or if hypno chain has ended


- if target is not in room it treats all affs as hidden (meaning it will continue to work if they leave room)

- RNG is always assumed to be 3 (possible times are 3.0, 3.5, 4.0). If you're using a tracker, this is the right way to do it. If you are not using a tracker, you can set it to 3.5 if you want (average).

- timing corrects itself every time it sees a visible room message.

- anti-illusion on snap

- tells you what aff is coming next

- hypno.state variable can be checked to see their current state at any time. This could be used in for auto-hypno for example.

What it looks like (of course you can change the display line however you like).


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    You can use queueing to track suggestions, by the way. Don't have to set individual aliases; just scan the 'Running queued eqbal command' line.

    For my suggestion tracking I just do:

    local tar, suggest = queueStuff:match("suggest (%w+) (%w+)")
    sysTemp.nextSuggestion = suggest

    Then it adds 'sysTemp.nextSuggestion' on the suggest line similarly to how yours is handled.

    No reason to not use queueing for everything combat-related, really.

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    That's clever but also comes with a -slight- delay if you're not off balance. (Queueing while you have balance artificially adds like 100ms or something). But probably worth in this case.

    My solution does work perfectly fine though - no drawbacks except that as implemented you can't queue more than 1 suggestion at a time. Shouldn't queue them up more than that in a real fight anyways.

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    Would be very nice if they could just add what you suggested to the suggestion line, and/or make ANALYSE balanceless. There's really no reason this should consume a balance, as long as it's /your/ seal you're checking.

    Hypnosis code pretty much all predates the concept of QoL changes in Achaea - maybe it's something worth looking into after all the big changes are done. There are still typos in it from initial release of the game :p.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    queueing does not artificially add anything.

  • What, no it doesn't.

    Queued commands run the same speed as normal commands, if you already have balance.

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