How to properly set up Serverside Curing?

Back when I played, Svo was the standard curing system. Serverside curing is rather new to me and I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on how to properly set it up.

How do curingsets work?

How does the defense handling work? (Does it have a defup and Keepup like Svo?)

How do prio swaps work? (Yes, you need logic behind said priority swaps but how does serverside do it?)

Does it work with active cures? (i.e shrugging, fitness, tree, etc.)

How does it handle retardation/aeon?

How does it handle dying?

Can I hunt/combat with just serverside?

Basically, any information on serverside I'd greatly appreciate! 


  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
    curingsets are like... prio lists.  You can have five, and pay for more with CREDITS!!! YAY!!!!

    Defense handling does not have defup/keepup, you need to have a function to swap prios for balance-taking things you don't want to have on keepup

    Prio swaps work via scripting, but it's really not hard to do. I'm a big dumb idiot and I figured it out.

    (some) active cures can be using with CURING QUEUE.  Some cannot.  I suggest playing around with it, seeing what can be, or otherwise making scripts to handle it.  They will not fire on their own.

    Decent in both

    Not sure what that means


    You have to augment serverside to get into more high-end combat stuff but for the most part fighting mid-level dudes you should be a-ok to just fire it up and take a crack at it.
  • Why would you ever pay for a curing set when you can just save them clientside. On the other hand, why are they even charging for curing sets. Having even 25 curingsets per player is an insignificant amount of storage serverside, and wouldn't slow anything down.
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
    They're useful for prio swapping in regards of if my current cureset is duelling then prio swap x 

    I don't want to make the same swaps duelling as I do in groups
  • Yeah but you can do that entirely clientside with probably less than ten lines of code. It's silly.
  • You don't need more than two or three.

    Dunn or Jhui, can't remember which, did a really nice write-up on the forums about how to easily manage curingsets.

    If I remember correctly, the idea they proposed is to have one 'default' set of prios in your first curing set.  This never changes.  You clone this set into slot two to "reset" your priorities, then you adjust the prios of that cloned set while fighting.  When you're ready to reset back to 'default,' you just clone your default cureset in that slot.
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    The code itself may vary depending on what client you use, but in Nexus I create aliases that do stuff like this one which is my basic 'health' priority that sets every affliction, while other versions may also be modifying all or they may only be modifying the priorities that matter in relation to the class they are based on. Sorry about using spoiler tags instead of code tags but the code blocks on this forum look absolutely terrible.

    //Curing Status

    send_command("CURING PRIORITY HEALTH", true);
    send_command("CURING SIPHEALTH 81", true);
    send_command("CURING SIPMANA 60", true);
    send_command("CURING MOSSHEALTH 65", true);
    send_command("CURING MOSSMANA 50", true);
    send_command("CURING MANATHRESHOLD 30", true);
    send_command("CURING HEALTHAFFSABOVE 90", true);
    send_command("CURING CLOTHEALTH 60", true);
    send_command("CURING CLOTAT 250", true);
    send_command("CURING FOCUS ON/CURING FOCUS FIRST", true);
    send_command("GUARD LEFT LEG", true);

        //Curing Tree

        send_command("CURING TREE ON", true);

    //Curing Priorities

    send_command("curing priority aeon 1 timeloop 1 shadowmadness 1 heartseed 1 paralysis 1 skullfractures 1 prone 1 hellsight 1 stuttering 1 pressure 2 depression 2 sleeping 2 calcifiedtorso 2 calcifiedskull 2 impatience 2 asthma 2 haemophilia 2 pyramides 2 mycalium 3 anorexia 3 unweavingspirit 3 retribution 3 impaled 3 slickness 3 rebbies 3 wristfractures 3 weariness 4 unweavingbody 4 unweavingmind 4 torntendons 4 darkshade 4 sandfever 5 hypochondria 5 scytherus 5 stupidity 5 voyria 5 addiction 5 crackedribs 5 nausea 5 justice 5 dazed 5 daeggerimpale 6 clumsiness 6 entangled 6 brokenleftleg 6 brokenrightleg 6 damagedleftleg 6 damagedrightleg 6 mangledrightleg 6 mangledleftleg 6 bound 7 brokenleftarm 8 brokenrightarm 8 damagedleftarm 8 damagedrightarm 8 mangledleftarm 8 mangledrightarm 8 sensitivity 8 hallucinations 8 hypersomnia 9 disrupted 9 concussion 10 grievouswounds 10 hypothermia 11 damagedhead 11 mangledhead 11 lethargy 11 whisperingmadness 11 deadening 11 transfixation 12 recklessness 12 frozen 12 healthleech 13 manaleech 13 temperedcholeric 13 temperedmelancholic 13 temperedphlegmatic 13 temperedsanguine 13 parasite 13 webbed 14 disloyalty 14 dissonance 14 dizziness 14 flushings 14 agoraphobia 15 generosity 15 loneliness 15 shivering 15 tension 15 serioustrauma 16 burning 16 peace 16 tonguetied 16 epilepsy 17 pacified 18 laceratedthroat 18 selarnia 19 fear 20 scalded 20 confusion 21 mildtrauma 22 guilt 23 shyness 23 claustrophobia 23 vertigo 24 dementia 24 paranoia 24 tenderskin 24 slashedthroat 24 masochism 24 crushedthroat 24 indifference 24 blackout 25 kkractlebrand 25 latched 25 spiritburn 25 lovers 25 itching 25 mindravaged 25", true);

    send_command("curing priority blindness 26 deafness 26 insomnia 26 unconsciousness 26 demonstain 26 deathsickness 26 internalbleeding 26 inquisition 26 hamstrung 26 icefisted 26 ensorcelled 26 flamefisted 26 hatred 26 airfisted 26 voidfisted 26 vinewreathed 26 phlogisticated 26 corruption 26 hecatecurse 26 slimeobscure 26 pinshot 26 trueblind 26 homunculusmercury 26 numbedleftarm 26 numbedrightarm 26 dehydrated 26 timeflux 26 bruisedribs 26 enmesh 26 asphyxiating 26 blistered 26 coldfate 26 cremated 26 dazzled 26 degenerate 26 deteriorate 26 entropy 26 hindered 26 kaisurge 26 lapsingconsciousness 26 lightbind 26 muddled 26 palpatarfeed 26 petrified 26 revealed 26 scrambledbrains 26 silenced 26 silver 26 solarburn 26 vitiated 26 vitrified 26 waterbonds 26", true);
    I believe that's every affliction that has a command-based cure and allows for a priority set, though that does not necessarily mean it's cure-able such as in the case of most ignored (Priority 26) afflictions.

    Don't take my priority settings as anything highly useful either because most of them are arbitrary, the point is you can create aliases such as this to quickly make serverside curing changes and I could even lessen the number of commands I have here in this script by separating more in the same send_command with a command separator. The reason I have it setup this way with the multiple commands is it makes it easier for me to look at and modify.

    In those same aliases I'm also then executing code like this, which is related to more advanced methods of utilizing serverside curing:
    //Curing Variables

    hprio = 1;
    mprio = 0;
    hmprio = 0;
    mpriocurse = 0;
    hpriobleed = 0;
    hpriovenom = 0;
    hprioelord = 0;
    hpriodep = 0;
    mpriodep = 0;
    hprioalch = 0;
    mprioalch = 0;
    hmpriomagi = 0;
    hprioair = 0;
    hpriodragon = 0;
    hpriomonk = 0;
    hpriopsion = 0;
    mpriopsion = 0;
    hprioinf = 0;
    mpriopriest = 0;
    hpriodruid = 0;
    mprioapo = 0;
    mprioocc = 0;
    hpriorune = 0;
    hprioblade = 0;
    mprioblade = 0;
    mprioshaman = 0;
    hprioewater = 0;

    //Curing Groups

        //Disable AirLord Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "AirLordReactions"));

        //Disable Alchemist Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "AlchemistReactions"));

        //Disable Apostate Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "ApostateReactions"));

        //Disable Blademaster Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "BlademasterReactions"));

        //Disable Depthswalker Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "DepthswalkerReactions"));

        //Disable Dragon Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "DragonReactions"));

        //Disable Druid Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "DruidReactions"));

        //Disable DualWield Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "DualWieldReactions"));

        //Disable Earth Lord Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "EarthLordReactions"));

        //Disable Infernal Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "InfernalReactions"));

        //Disable Monk Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "MonkReactions"));

        //Disable Priest Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "PriestReactions"));

        //Disable Psion Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "PsionReactions"));

        //Disable Runewarden Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "RunewardenReactions"));

        //Disable Serpent Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "SerpentReactions"));

        //Disable Shaman Reactions
        reflex_disable(reflex_find_by_name("group", "ShamanReactions"));

    That's essentially the same as CURINGSETS I suppose, though in my opinion you can include much more if you create those methods yourself.

  • @Eryl Thank you! I actually found the post here - Will definitely implement this as well as what Amranu mentioned about saving them clientside.

    @Amranu when you are setting these curingsets clientside, are you just saving default prios vs x class that you call when you engage against x class?

    How do you all manage your defenses? Are you just leaving defenses on the priority list that you want to Keepup and setting a function to call the balance using ones?

    Are there afflictions that serverside won't cure? or cure properly? i.e humours(alchemist) or fractures(2h)?

  • Serverside will cure everything.

    For fractures, you want to look at the curing HEALTHAFFSABOVE option. This will dictate when you apply health over when you sip it.

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