Tattoo Checking [Nexus]

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Little thing that makes noticing what tattoos are low on charges or have faded easier.

Tossed a roughshod version of it together a few months back with input from Peldin in the Achaean discord. Fleshed it out a little more for sharing.

Let me know if there are any issues.

Comes with a few aliases:
TATTOO                              - Shows the rest of these commands
LOAD TATTOOS                   - Reloads Tattoo Tracking package
TAT LIST                              - Displays maintained tattoos 
TAT THRESHOLD #               - Sets # charges for low indicator
TAT LIST ADD <tattoo>       - Adds tattoo to maintained tattoos
TAT LIST REMOVE <tattoo> - Removes tattoo from maintained tattoos
TATS                                   - Shows missing and low charge tattoos

Example images:


  • Editing timers. :angry:

    I messed up the initial download link. If you downloaded before I fixed it, the original post should have the proper link now. Just need to save the link and import to Nexus. Let me know if there are any more issues.
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