Apostates and their goals

Do Apostates wish to become Liches? If this is so, does that make the Pariah an apostate, just successful at it?

I am not entirely sure where to post this. I figure it's for the roleplay.


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    Not sure where you got that idea from, about either of them. Neither focus on undeath like liches do.

    Apostate are demon users, that attack people's souls. That's what Achaea Necromancy basically is: manipulating soul energy, as opposed to animating the dead (gravehands notwithstanding).

    Pariahs are blood ritualists that focus on unlife, a la Tomb Kings.

    Neither are liches, nor do they wish to be.

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    Another way to look at it is that apostates seek to avoid death (soulcage) but without entering into the state of undeath of liches and the rest.

    For Pariahs its more like their souls are bound to their tombs after interment so they cannot be judged (and thus cannot pass on into the soul realms).

    Nothing points to either being interested in lichdom as such.

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