Should I make a "burner character"?

Hi! I recently started playing again after not having touched an IRE game for quite some years and I have a number of questions I'm working out, between the forums, the wiki, and news/help files in game.

I know a lot of stuff on the forums reverts to "ask in game" so I don't specifically want to ask a bunch of in-game-esque questions here, but one thing I AM worried about is if I take my lil' dude beebopping around organizations to get a feel for everything, if it would have a bad impact on the character.

And if so, would it be more to my benefit to create a sort of "burner character" to feel out the orgs I am interested in?

....or am I overthinking all of this.

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    Do whatever you want man, whichever is more likely to result in your enjoyment of the game!

    My advice however, would be to not concern yourself so much with the playing experience of each city and think more about the type of character you want to play. Read through the help files for every city, house and class to get a feel for the lore of the game and then try to think of how you want your character to slot into that.

    Every city has good people to play with and by the nature of the game you can influence that playing experience for yourself and others by fostering a positive environment, so what's more important is you're playing a character that you enjoy


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    Jovolo said:
    Do whatever you want man, whichever is more likely to result in your enjoyment of the game!
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    To answer your question directly, nobody really cares if you've been in every city on sapience at one time or another. I think the only people who feel that way are the ones that are doing it. So yeah, you're good man. Enjoy, have fun, hop around a bit and figure it out. The lore and overall "mood" of a city can be felt out and differs greatly between the cities.

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