Having Map Window Sizing Issues

I use NightfallUI. I know it's outdated, but I'm just too accustomed to it to change. The only issue I'm having is the map doesn't stay the same size. If I type something into the command line that causes a wrap, the map gets bigger. I can use the nightfall alias to open the options and reload from there which fixes it, but it just happens again later. I don't have enough coding knowledge to figure out the problem in the map window script within Nightfall to determine the problem, if the problem is even there.

 Here's the code:

function nightfallUI.guiMapper() nightfallUI.gui.Mapper_window = nightfallUI.gui.Mapper_window or Geyser.Mapper:new({ name = "nightfallUI.gui.Mapper_window", }, nightfallUI.gui.right_container.top) nightfallUI.gui.Mapper_window:move(0, 0) nightfallUI.gui.Mapper_window:resize("-0", "-0") end nightfallUI.guiMapperEvent = registerAnonymousEventHandler("containers_initialized", "nightfallUI.guiMapper")

Sorry, for no code box. I don't know how to do that on this forum.
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