Advice needed!

Hey all,

Coming back from not playing for a few years.  Had some questions I’d like answered before I decide on a path.  

I’m more or less looking to get involved in pk and with minimal credit/artifact investment.  I’ve got like 2000 credits sitting in my account right now.

Bard vs. Magi - Both seem to have incredible room control.  Elementalism looks fun, while Swashbuckling looks pretty plain. Voicecraft looks a lot more useful than Golemcraft, with voice balance vs. golems using Eq.  I’d love any input on this!

Alchemist - Looks very fun, never played though.  Looks like it could be good with minimal credit/artifact investment?  Formulation looks like it could be fun.

Runewarden - Would SnB Runewarden be any good?  Sad that Runelore doesn’t have anything like Damnation.  Feel like SnB wouldn’t really play to RW strengths, but I’m not interested at all in dwc/dwb/2h.


  • Bard I think needs some artes to work at full speed. Magi, unsure.
    Alchemist is low-credit investment, I believe. Also, aye, fun. 

    SnB Runie can work pretty well. There's a snb pvp thread somewhere out there has what you want with regards to further information, but I think I remember mana-drain runes with a soft-lock (no imp) being pretty dang reasonable.
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