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I'm trying out WunderSys for size, but the link I have to its documentation is 404. Does anyone have a current link, or a saved copy of said docs?
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  • Unsure who has the most recent version, but this is from the Wiki from Tynil's:

    Sidebar has some of the info on setup. 

    Old documentation is here: 
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    Thanks, that helped some.

    I'm getting a grip on the system, but I'm having a pernicious issue with defence handling. When a 2H/DC Knight, I have Deflect/Mastery respectively, and when I switch to another style, I use wsys.unkeepup("deflect/mastery") to remove them from the defup/keepup list. (Which works) But any time I switch defence profiles or even re-def in the same profile, it will re-add those defenses to prio 25, which spams the hell out of me since I don't have access to them. (This also happens with defenses like breathing and density) It's clear that Wsys is loading a list of "defaults" from somewhere, but I can't figure out from where, and I need to figure out how to edit that list with scripting.

    I've ruled out:
    - wsys_settings.lua: This holds my profile settings, and wsys.defPrioRestore() appears to be loading from this file, but editing it directly to put Deflect on ignore didn't help; the file is overwritten by some other part of the system when I switch profiles.
    - Serverside curingsets: This sounded like the culprit when I learned about them, but none of my 4 curingsets have have defence priorities at all, so it's clearly handled elsewhere.

    As a side annoyance, whichever script loads these defaults doesn't gag its own echoback, so I'm hit with a brick of prioswaps on every defence switch.

    -- Grounded in but one perspective, what we perceive is an exaggeration of the truth.
  • If you found out where this is handled, I'd love to know.
  • So looking at what @aerek asked, its a lot bigger project than I thought. If you can give me the specialisation names from GMCP I may be able to piece something together for this, though no promises.
    Basically it involves editing the wsys.myClass function and a bunch of other tables, but looking at that - if you edit wsys.myClass then it ends up breaking a bunch of other stuff - so there may be a an alternative workaround but I'm not sure yet.
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