killCount - kill tracker for mudlet

Hi all.

This is a package that counts the number of times you've killed everyone, and the number of times they've each killed you.

It comes with a few aliases to manage the table and search through it. 

download link

example use of aliases "kc all" and "kc help."



  • Updated the package - fixed some alias regexes to work properly with multi word denizen names. Sorry there's no way of distinguishing between adventurer and denizen kills/deaths, but I couldn't come up with a consistent enough method.
  • Oops! Forgot to remove the "retrieving its corpse" part from one of the package's triggers. 

    Add this function to the end of the script folder named "killCount."
    function killCount.fix()
      local n = 0
      for k, v in pairs(killCount.db) do
        if k:sub(-23, -1) == ', retrieving the corpse' then
          if killCount.db[k:sub(1, -24)] then
            for i = 1, 2 do killCount.db[k:sub(1, -24)][i] = v[i] end
            killCount.db[k:sub(1, -24)] = v
          killCount.db[k] = nil
          n = n + 1
      killCount.echo('Rectified '..tostring(n)..' entries.')
    Run it, to remove botched entries in the table.
    lua killCount.fix()

    Find the trigger named "got a kill," and replace this line:

    matches[2] = matches[2]:lower():title()

    With this:

    matches[2] = matches[2]:lower():title():gsub(', retrieving the corpse', '')

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