Auto Selective Harvest/Gather

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2 Aliases:

  1. zharvest
  2. zgather

It will keep track of rooms harvested and only harvest each room once:
Click on the red [Reset X Rooms] to reset all rooms if you want to try harvesting/gathering from them again.


  • This is one of the things I was planning on rewriting when I finished my curing.  I may have to try this out and see if you just saved me a few hours.

    You already saved me time on the wilderness window so...  thanks again!

  • edited December 2020
    Updated to use queueing rather than timers/triggers auto in rift what you collect. Much cleaner code.

    1 New alias by request:
    • zharv = Will turn both auto harvest and gather on or off without having to click the auto mode. For quick turn off turn on.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    @Zulah Noticed that Dust seems to be missing from the Gather list when trying this just now.

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