10 Things I Rate About You

I'd like to pose a topic to everybody...

Think of the greatest roleplaying experiences you've ever had in this game.

Now tell us about them, and tell us why they were so great. What did these moments mean to you? How did they shape your character into who they are today?

Another question (arguably even more important):

Who were your favourite characters to roleplay with from time's a past and what made them so memorable to play this game with? Can you produce a list of your favourite characters that have ever played this games? Doesn't necessarily have to be ranked in order of preference! Also please feel free to explain why you're adding them to the list, but also don't worry if you don't want to! It's ok! My example:

1. Crathen
2. Mindry
3. Iocun
4. Beorji
5. Barg
6. Lodi
7. Silas
8. Flair
9. Jurixe


  • I don't know if this counts, but it's still one of my favorite experiences ever in Achaea. Being in Lady Eris' disOrder was a ridiculous amount of fun. She was always quick and witty, and everything was a bit of a production. The coolest aspect of it for me was that her order was set up so that everyone above you in order rank remained anonymous over OT, and me being OR1 the entire time, I had no idea who anyone was other than the obvious people like Shakti and Mordyval. We all had nicknames that we would use on the order channel. Sure, I could have checked honours lines for everyone in Ashtan to see who I was in an order with, but I really dug the mysterious and anonymous nature of it.

    Unfortunately, my own ego coupled with my introverted tendencies prevented me from participating in many, many opportunities to engage with other characters and experience some genuinely good roleplaying over the course of the last 20 years that I've been in and out of the game. The most notable experiences I had always involved a God or Goddess. I'm especially fond of all the times I got to interact with Lord Neraeos.

    I didn't get to interact with him a great deal, but Gnaash was great! One of the very few people with an RP accent that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out. I'd be remiss to not also mention Asara. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was Asara that was feeding Lord Neraeos all the ideas for his stories and lore, she knew it that well and was the essence of her character.

    I also want to give a shoutout to an old Warlock named Warloc. Nobody played a better old, crotchety, Aegean than that guy.
  • My top 10 favorite people I've roleplayed with would have to be, in no particular order:

    1. Jurixe
    2. Tvistor
    3. Kholm
    4. Cinya
    5. Otha
    6. Boz
    7. Herenicus
    8. Shindelik
    9. Tekla
    10. Vrah
    I miss a lot of those people, haven't spoken to most of them in years. Hope they're doing great, I had some great times with them.
  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USA
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    If we are limiting ourselves to mortals, and the retired/inactive, my list, in no particular order:

    -Flair. That rat bastard. 
    -Orklanishkal. Also a rat bastard. 
    -Manifest. Let's make this a rat bastard trifecta, haha. 
    -Herenicus. Always good for a barbed conversation, punctuated with a fair amount of innuendo. Our debates were always top-notch, and we certainly bonded over a loathing of bad poetry.
    -Tenebrus. He was, hands-down, the best person by whom to be robbed. 
    -Darknight. It was incredible, finally going up against an OG Darkwalker who was good at what he did.
    -Khoraji. This gentleman was the epitome of Mhaldor. We shall never see his like again. 
    -Lianca. Even though things got a little tense there at the end, when my mental health wasn't so hot and it was bleeding over into the game, she was one of the few women with whom Amunet actually got along. I mean, come on. Two words: birthday strippers.
    -Morro. The only text-child I had who didn't turn out to be a total disappointment.
    -Tanris. Enough said. :(

    As for people who are still presently active, I miss Naram. Definitely not @Dunn, though. Just Naram. 
    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
  • I'd have to say Tenebrus.  The man is a legend.
  • There has been so many over 16yrs, but shout out to Tenebrus / Saltaern without a doubt, made even better when he announced they were the same person behind them.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Tenebrus and Herenicus were great. I remember Shakti as fun too, and always appreciated Aldair and Dresden.
  • Shakti was fun. 
    Morlana was a doll.
    Deeva :cry:
    Dresden was fun.  
    Maran was a chump, but fun to kill people with. 
    Tenebrus/Saltaern were pretty amazing to talk to.
    Rameus was always down for some shit talk
    Wulfen was great at his job
    Herenicus was the greatest on the forums.  His timing and ability to find just the perfect way to make you look foolish was superb.

    wow... so many over the 20+ years. Cooper was interesting back in the day. Proficy,  Xenomorph was amazing on so many levels, Napoloen I think I only ever interacted with like twice? but it was fun...  man, I'm forgetting so many people but I hear the music so I'll just see myself out.

  • Thanks, Caelan, it feels good to be remembered in a positive way even if I've been a bit aggressive over the years.

    Being included in a list like that is pretty humbling even if I know my roleplay/character was not on the level of any of those players - and in many cases there are probably several levels between us.

    We definitely had fun back in the day though, glad some positive memories were made!

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    I would place you in my lost of memorable Achaean characters too!

    This is my real list, and I'm guaranteed to have forgotten many:

    Manu (meow)
    Mizik / Spire,

    A few controversial names definitely but I would still consider all of these characters legends whether they go down in infamy or fame.

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    Cooper said:
    Thanks, Caelan, it feels good to be remembered in a positive way even if I've been a bit aggressive over the years.

    Being included in a list like that is pretty humbling even if I know my roleplay/character was not on the level of any of those players - and in many cases there are probably several levels between us.

    We definitely had fun back in the day though, glad some positive memories were made!
    I always liked our interactions.  Im not as good at the RP myself so it was fun even when it just devolved into shit talking.  And I always like the aggressive stuff. You know I like it rough!  

    I have said it before but it is such a fun story to me...  day one in Achaea I meet this dude Jabbasfrog and he is talking to me about the 'realm' and Sentinels I already knew before I made Caelan - my 2nd sons name - that I wanted to go Sent because they were the weakest class at the time (according to Maran)..  anyway we are walking back to Ashtan where the Sentinels live and all of a sudden I get scrolling...  it is stupid fast and I cant keep up..  then it just tells me Im dead...

    wtf?  look back through and you walked in and killed me in front of my guildmate who then died as well.  You were literally the first person to kill me in game.  I was hooked because Im the type... I was hellbent on killing you until you quit.  I feel like that with a lot of my old rivalries.  In the end I end up being on better terms w them than half my city/village.  You, Proficy, Ainly, Ochimaru, Dyzanru, Tenebrus, etc.

    summary:  You made me want to learn Achaean combat so I could shred you :-)

  • You're welcome, Achaea.

    Was fun brawling back in the day. Can't believe Proficy still goes hard. I gave up like 10 years ago, that dude is a machine.

  • @Cooper I just remember you from WoB, I've forgotten most all interactions in game. Still wondering when we'll do that again
  • Khoraji was the first person to have a real interaction with me, way before I rolled Boosteya.
    I'd put Deladan on this list, but that'd be a joke because I know the player's still active and this is for those who (as far as I know) aren't.
    I'd put Shahai, one of Bo's biological kids, on this list too, but... same as Deladan. That person still plays, and I'm pretty sure that if they stop playing, their current main's name will start to appear on a lot of these lists.

    I may decide later to revise this list, add more names. I haven't been ingame myself much, for reasons I believe I stated pretty clearly in another forum thread.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Cooper said:
    You're welcome, Achaea.

    Was fun brawling back in the day. Can't believe Proficy still goes hard. I gave up like 10 years ago, that dude is a machine.
    He is only good because I let him live for 5 years while I was dormant ;-)

  • The homies:


    The dads:


    Special shout-out to Tenebrus/Saltaern. I was a Hashani lifer and he was that dad-Seneschal.
    "Rezz me uncy Spire!" After every kill.
  • What a fun thread, and some of this might be making it a bit obvious who my original characters were but I think enough time has passed that I'm fairly sure I'm never playing again... so here goes!

    Darknight: Over the years, there were very, very few people that I felt really nailed Achaean politics which (to me) were always one of the most interesting bits of the game but watching Darknight in operation was always amazing. Stick him in an organization - any organization - and he would just rise up the hierarchy.  Even though you knew, you KNEW, that he was eventually going to blaze out in some ridiculous scheme, somehow he could do it over, and over again.  Huge fun.

    Rho/Silas: Still the gold standard for Good roleplay.  No PC (with the possible objection of Flair) has done more to shake up a faction than those two.  Just absolutely committed to FUN, and as happy to RP lose as RP win, as long as the story kicked ass.  One of my favouite, favourite Achaean memories was orchestrating a planned story with those two where we could happily brainstorm out the best story outcome instead of what was a win for our respective factions.  Also just the nicest people.  I think to this day if they got in touch and asked me for an RL favour, there's not much I wouldn't do for them.  Mensches to the bone.  Honourable shout-out to Mathonwy, but just for sheer balls-out faction shake-up, you have to go with Rho/Silas.

    Gnaash: It would have been so easy for his character to be a cliché, and his speech style a gimmick but interacting with him was always a delight.  Playing a "stupid" character (or one that at least seemed stupid) in a phenomenally clever way.  The longer I played Achaea the more I valued genuinely unique RP and Gnaash was always flawlessly Gnaash.

    Wulfen/Khoraji/Herenicus:  Each very different, but great "Evil" roleplayers.  Every conversation was fun, and fully true to character.

    Original!Neraeos: Still the gold standard for Divine RP.  Every time I interacted with him, it was just... perfect.  Complex, interesting, bespoke.  And probably the single best player of politics in the game even though He never once got caught playing.  A natural empire-builder, and another excellent, excellent person to boot.  What can you say about someone willing to stage a full-scale war in the area you were in ON YOUR OWN just to try and grab you into his order.  The ultimate professional.

    Profit: Love him or hate him (and most people were the latter to be fair), Profit was guaranteed to make things more interesting.  And again the longer my playing career went on, the more I loved people who were open to change and risk and fun.  A nightmare to have on the opposition but a force of nature on your side.

    God, so many others... Asara, Merik, Ulrike, Amunet, Erhon and I'm sure a hundred others.  This was fun to remember though.  Hope you Achaeans are still having fun! 
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