Sentinel or Druid

What are the barriers to entry for each beyond tri-trans? I'm talking artefacts, or additional skills like weaponry. Am I locked out of certain strategies without these? Can I function without them? Or would I just be slower?

Are they strength classes or con classes? Or are there pros and cons to either?

Which would a team rather have on their side? I'd like to participate in group activities, both PvE and PvP.


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    This kind of information you can find out in game better than on forums tbh. Takes the magic out when you get all your skill info from ooc means
  • Archaeon is right.  If you're trying to min max before you've even created your character, you're doing it wrong.

    That said, druid is pretty OP in terms of pvp and utility, and is also pretty low-hanging fruit for forestal RP 
  • What I mainly want to know is if I'm going to have to spend a lot on making either combat ready. Am I going to need artefacts to make either class viable? The stats and stuff sure whatever, I'll ask in-game, but I don't want to invest in a character if I can't afford to make them combat ready. Last time I played, some classes just did not work competitively without specific artefacts, is why I'm asking.
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    Both classes can contribute to a group fight without artifacts. I think that Sentinels are better on this front because they have skull bash and powerful affliction output and can petrify, but Druids are great enablers for other people with bindings and can do high damage as well if you have lots of strength.

    When fighting alone, both benefit strongly from artifact weapons. I think that Druids are more strictly reliant on artifacts to achieve a bare minimum of viability because of the way Embrace works. The artifact quarterstaff can work as a cheaper option, but the level 2 artifact handaxe combined with Weaponry up to Target Throw will make your life a lot easier and more consistent. Neither class has to learn Weaponry beyond Target Throw because Skirmishing and Groves both count as weaponry-like skills.
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