Mental Illness in Achaea

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I'm bipolar in real life, and I wouldn't mind RPing something like that with my character. I wouldn't mention it by name, of course, and I'd do it in a realistic and non-sensational or annoying or stereotypical way. It would probably be something most people would never even notice, and never meant to be made a big deal. However, would this make sense lore wise?  How is mental illness (madness, whatever you want to call it) handled in Achaea? Can it be cured like so many other things or are those cures only for forced mental illnesses or magical ones like afflictions. Weird question, probably, but I don't want to RP anything that would be impossible within the rules of this universe.


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  • This depends on your character and role-play. Some things can be genuinely played out and pushed through. All RP afflictions can be "cured".

    However, some RP is really hard for others to get behind. As an example, thick accents are a struggle especially with people playing who don't speak English as a first language. 

    Keep in mind, you can always try something, and if it just doesn't work with your circle no one will judge you for just walking away from it. 

    Some extreme RP will be better received in response to certain events in-game, especially if it is something curable or just temporary.
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    You can absolutely play that card. Whether you do it well is another matter, of course. For some prominent examples I would look to Pandemonium on one end, likely Babel as well. 

    These are Divine examples naturally - which happens to be the soup I swim in, but the concept should cross over to mortal roleplay as well. 

    Like with any individual roleplay, its success will depend upon you and how well you portray the character, as Mannimar alluded to as well!

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  • Who doesn't swim in delicious, delicious soup?
  • Paux has a couple distinct mental disorders. Most people don't really notice but they help me keep Paux's decision-making process separate from my own. 

    A scary moment of roleplay affirmation for me was when people who suffered the affliction in real life reached out to him because they wanted someone to connect with. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I don't suffer it OOC, though. 

    Bipolar would be interesting to play. Just beware that the world of Achaea doesn't soften the consequences of your character's actions, even if you have legitimate roleplay reasons for doing them. 
  • I have the opposite thing going on, issues - not only mental health ones, but I have got major depression and severe anxiety - that I want to keep out of Boosteya. I have not been entirely successful, but if I'm not playing for a bit, some issue of mine or other is generally why.
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  • Heya Boosteya,  I understand that. I'm having bad anxiety right now. It sucks and playing the game can certainly be a nice escape. Thanks, Agwin. I think it will be subtle enough as to not be annoying or anything. I'm pretty critical of the way mental illness is protrayed in most media, so I want to be realistic. That said, if anyone does give the business, I have a thick skin on this stuff in real life, so I will here too. :)  Thank you all!
  • Be sure to update us on how this goes for you! I, for one, am eager to hear about the experience.
  • To be honest, I've not met many people in these games that are 100% "sane."  And that's cool with me. :)
  • "Sanity" is, in my experience, a word lauded by the delusional.
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  • Greetings,

    I am picking up this thread, as it has been posted ages ago.
    And please, yes, I am picking it up with all respect to different thoughts, different lifestyles and different decisions made at different times. Also please note: By picking this up there, is no offend ment at any time. If at all perhaps allowing a reconsideration.

    I was wondering if this theme had ever changed at any time?
    It really copes with true nature. One is given life by divine grace and one is loved no matter how one was born.
    The realms are full of such loving details. One should keep looking.

    With all my love, as well as truely deepest respect,
  • Hello, I doubt anyone here even knows me, but I just joined.  I was thinking about something Argwin brought up, I know it's been a while so apologies.  When people say 'emotional connection' when it comes to a character is it always unhealthy?  I mean, it's good to know where the line is drawn, but what about personal growth.  I know playing this game can sometimes bring me anxiety, and having major social anxiety already doesn't help, but it can also help you grow.  What I'm doing right now is an example, if it weren't for these kinds of games my social skills would be awful.  Sorry, probably really pointless statement.
  • Pajak said:
    What I'm doing right now is an example, if it weren't for these kinds of games my social skills would be awful.

    To me, Achaea is the best free social skills lessons I can get. I was ready to move on and do this in an IRL environment, but that ended with legislation passed in the wake of Covid. I am no longer eligible for the program I was going to use.

    Meh, just as well in ways.

    People have said that's not what Achaea is for. This is valid - but then, even as a player I would use Great Hunts to explore areas where normally I'd die to aggressive denizens; that was not the intended use of a Great Hunt event. Just because a thing is not that primary goal doesn't mean it's not a valid use of the situation. Achaea is not "for" people to do other stuff either, but as long as that stuff isn't harmful like griefing or cheating, nobody really minds. Achaea is not "for" some people to be jerks - but that won't stop the jerks from being jerks. It will hopefully limit it a bit. If my sort of behaviour is the biggest problem in Achaea, and I hope it's not a problem at all, then that's one thing. I do not intend to harm fellow players. I am very VERY imperfect as a person. I do not play in order to cause trouble (but yes, I have to acknowledge that I can and sometimes do cause trouble). There's a player I want to talk to ICly about a mistake I feel I keep making, because I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thank you for this line of yours I'm quoting, @Pajak!!
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