How does an Occultist gain Karma?

I am a newbie Occultist, and no one bothered to answer my query in-game.
I have heard that this class gains Karma through studying the corpses of denizens. Is that correct? Also, if it is true, what kinds of denizens are more likely to provide an Occultist with Karma? 
Furthermore, are there any other items that can be studied for Karma gain? And if so, what kinds of items are those? Quest items, maybe?...
Just to be clear, I am not asking for anyone’s favorite hunting spots! I simply want to know what to look out for to find my own Karma hunting areas/hubs. 
Please help a newbie out!

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    Certain Items drop from select corpses, you then STUDY KARMA. These include masks from the crypt, book from Shanguis in Shastaan, book from the cook in Moghedu and necklace from the Nixxe in Riparium. There are many more, but that's easily enough for you to start with. 

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