A Hunt for the Lord of the Hunt

After the werewolf thing started and had only affected Targossians for some time, we got together with some Eleusians and decided we should try to do something about it. Just to be clear we don't really know what's going on in this event either and this was just some very fun fairly spontaneous roleplay that I really enjoyed participating in.

**Eleusis and Targossas gather at the appointed time in Lord Lupus' temple to discuss what we are going to do an execute it**

(Party): You say, "Okay. So, One thing that stuck out to me from my research into lupine ideals and from my conversation with Vinceres is that the quarry is just as important as the hunt. We need to challenge ourselves."

(Party): You say, "So my first question to Eleusis, How often do you lot gather to hunt those who are considered the most dangerous? Jeramun, Chellen, those types?"

(Party): Nhakra says, "If those hunts have occurred, they were in my absence."

(Party): Barry says, "I dont remember going."

(Party): Atalkez says, "I don't see deathsights from Eleusis in that vein often."

(Party): You say, "Good! Then this will be a challenge indeed. That's our first condition met."

(Party): Nhakra says, "A positive outlook! Many will die."

(Party): You say, "The second condition, I want you all to consider the thrill of the Hunt."

Nhakra nods her head at you.

(Party): You say, "Have you been in a fight you were nervous and excited about at the same time? That cold sweat followed by the shaking and then final that moment of catharsis when it is over?"

(Party): You say, "Win or lose, you felt the Thrill. We will need to channel that energy at the conclusion of our hunt. It will be our beacon to Lord Lupus."

(Party): You say, "Grab that feeling and remember it well."

**We gather the groups together and go slay Chellen and Bruyan and gather again at the Temple of Lupus.

You say, "Okay, We will need everyone's assistance for this. During the ritual if you feel called to act please feel free to do so, there will also be a point where I will need you to feel the Thrill. Do this however you feel appropriate."

Nhakra nods her head at you.

Cherryanne sucks thoughtfully on her teeth.

Jomi says, "..... Feel the -Thrill-?"

Lyndee says, "Of the Hunt."

Rawls nods his head at Jomi.

Rawls beats his chest wildly.

"Aroooooooooooo!" Rawls howls.

"Aroooooooooooo!" Aislin howls.

Cherryanne giggles happily at Rawls.

You drop the corpse of Bruyan, the town crier.

Vasher gathers those present around the corpse of Bruyan, the town crier . He inclines his head before the fallen adversary and gestures faintly to Zahel. The burning cracks across Zahel's body begin to darken as he opens his maw and emits a low roar. As Zahel roars, a wash of colour flies free of his breath and as it reaches you the colours around you appear brighter and more defined.

You say, "Thank you for joining the Hunt today. As you are aware, Lord Lupus was sent into this state by the fiend Bal'met and those who aided Him. While He healed, through the sacrificial aide of Lady Selene He has slept, His spirit in the dreamlands while His body mends."

You say, "We are not here to heal Him, as that work has already been undertaken by Lady Selene. Our goal here is to provide a pathway back to Him or those touched by His essence. I ask that if you wish to assist you focus your mind on a single task."

Nhakra lowers her head and folds her hands at her waist.

You say intently, "The Thrill of the Hunt. Feel the Thrill again as if you had just slain a foe who others said was impossible. Feel the Thrill as if you have slain one of those who threatened your home."

You say, "Feel the Thrill even as those you challenge get the better of you, knowing that you will rise again, harder, more prepared. Focus on those feelings as this is the pathway to Lord Lupus' essence."

Lyndee crosses her hands before her on her chest, clasping a stained glass pendulum between them as she sways.

Barry tilts his head and listens intently.

Vasher closes his eyes and inclines his head. Suddenly a flare of red flashes in an aura around the speaker, flashing and pulsing, expanding outwards from him. The glinting red colour is joined by the pulse of those around him, the auras expanding with every beat of their heart.

Nhakra's eyes open widely as her platinum eyelens reflects not the sights of the present, but of the brief hunt, the glow growing in intensity.

Having bowed his head for a while, hands clasped, Romaen suddenly snaps his head up. His eyes flare with an energy you've not seen in them before, and his facial expression betrays a nonsuppressible fury.

Astryr closes her eyes and focuses on the words of Vasher and the sound of his voice resounding in the chamber.

Vivena stand resolute, eyes determined.

Breakstone rises, a look of determination on his face.

Within the cloud of red, images shimmer in and out of view. A scene of Hashan with a single plume of black smoke rising above the city as a contingent of Eleusians fly away to the clouds past the damage.

Atalkez turns a sharpened length of Ratatosk's spine over in his hands, memories of the hunt filling his thoughts.

Cherryanne pounces playfully on Krystahle.

Krystahle pounces playfully on Cherryanne.

A scene now of Targossas, broken in war, the overwhelming forces of Mhaldor having left the city in ruin, now cutting to a prayer held in Silverbright Square by the Dawnlord, the spirit of Targossas ready to fight again.

Lyndee lifts her chin in defiance, setting her jaw.

The image twists into itself and changes again. Suddenly a broken fortress appears in the image, a small group of adventurers leaving bloodied but victorious against both time and the ogre Borgron.

You say, "Yes, remember your glories, your defeats that did not break you, the victory that you snatched from the jaws of defeat. Remember the Hunt and the Thrill. Remember Lord Lupus."

Astryr says in a dulcet, lilting voice, "Oh Lord, hear receive this offering and heal heal your wounds, in the name of the Hunt we offer these kills to thee and we rejoice as you once did."

Atalkez says in a silky, smooth tenor voice, "Three minutes."

Vasher snaps his fingers and the scenes and the colour in the room disappear, the dagger in his hand now brimming with power. Vasher breathes in deeply and the remaining colour from Zahel's breath fades from the room. Vasher's body seems to twist and grow as he lunges forward and plunges the dagger into the heart of the corpse of Bruyan, the town crier.

Nhakra closes her eyes once more and her attention turns to within.

Rawls stands firm, weaving a translucent mace through the air using only his mind. It strikes invisible foes as he recalls a great hunt.

You have emoted: With a savage fury, Vasher cuts the heart out of the corpse of Bruyan, the town crier and pulls it free. He thrusts the heart towards Vinceres but his strength fades, as he collapses to the ground followed by a loud "Thunk" as the unanimated body of Zahel tips forward, lifeless.

You say, "Take the heart, Vinceres, take the Thrill of all those gathered into yourself and call to your Lord."

You collapse in a heap on the floor, unwilling to bear the pain any longer.

Vinceres feasts upon the flesh of fallen prey, swallowing the heart and absorbing the essence of the Hunt within him. Once finished, he gazes upon the slumbering Wild God of the Beasts before closing his eyes in prayer.

Rawls prostrates himself upon the ground.

Atalkez says in a silky, smooth tenor voice, "Now."

Cala loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Ellenroh loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Reyl loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Shirszae loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Lyndee loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Aranos loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Astarod loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.
Atalkez loses consciousness, collapsing to the ground with a dull thud.

Barry says with a clear accent, "Oh no."

Abuha says in a quiet voice, "Well."

Nhakra says with an elegant accent, "Things went poorly right at the end."

Aislin says, "Well. THat was an...apropos 'now'."

A chorus of baying howls splits the sky with frenzied fury as an enraged wolf pack forms around Cala.
Cala has left the group.

Terror overcomes Aelius as a frenzied wolf pack begins to hunt.

You shout, "Lord Lupus. Receive this message born in the Thrill of the Hunt. If you wish to be guided from the dreamlands follow the with of Vinceres." *Supposed to be will of Vinceres but was composing it as the pack of wolves was eviscerating us.

**About 10 deaths later, we kill the pack**

(Party): You say, "Now that was a hell of a hunt."

(Party): Nhakra says, "A fitting end."

(Party): You say, "Now there is no more we can do for the Lord Lupus at this time. We have attempted to give him a path, and if he is willing he shall take it."

(Party): You say, "Even if nothing comes of this, remember that this was a worthy Hunt."

(Party): You say, "Thank you for attending."

I hope everyone involved had as much fun as I did
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