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Mudlet 4.9+ GUI



  • Glark
    Glark Member Posts: 9

    I'm trying to get this set up but having a lot of issues doing the steps you're describing.

    I double-click the window I want to move to get the dockable frame, and place it where I want. Then I double-click the place you highlighted to hide the dockable frame, and the window just disappears. If I click in the main display the window in question reappears wherever I click. The frame is gone, but it's not docked to the main display where I put it, it's just out in the middle and can be moved around.

    I don't know what I'm missing, but I'm wondering. In your example you have the prompt window between the main display and the text box. I can't pop either of those out or move them, which is making me wonder if that's the problem. Is that a mudlet feature, or something in the GUI I'm missing?

    Worst case scenario I can just leave the frames up and docked where I want them, that part of the UI works fine, but that takes up space and I can't lock them. I really have no idea why it's not behaving the way the video shows, unless I'm supposed to be able to pick up the main display and textbox and move them around the same way as the rest.

  • Daiz
    Daiz Member Posts: 1
    edited May 8

    Hi! This is wonderful, and I appreciate you sharing. Is there a way to save the styles, for ZSTYLE? If I change it, and log off, it reverts back to default.

    Never mind, got it!

  • Woland
    Woland Member Posts: 29
    edited May 25

    I noticed some unanswered questions - as someone who's kinda new to MUD scripting and lua (but not to programming in general, come from web dev background) I'm gonna try to answer them best I can. I'm getting around to reading the Geyser docs from top to bottom over so I can finally make some of my own elements instead of only using (these awesome, community-based free) ones!

    Assuming minimal coding experience so please don't take offense if I describe things in a very basic way!

    Thank you very much for this. May I know if there is a way to disable windows that you do not need from popping up at login?

    @Aina Darke You will need to open the script named "EDIT ME: Startup Main" in Mudlet and then scroll down to the block of code from lines 52 to 68 that all start with "if not". Comment out i.e. disable the lines you don't need; each line corresponds to a window, and you can see which window it is from the "buildX" word in that line e.g. the first line is "buildChat", so chat window. To comment out a line, just type two "-"s (dashes) at the beginning of the line, like --. Or on Windows, with your cursor on that line press CTRL + / (and on Mac, CMD + / )

    hrm how does the target list window work? Does it require some sort of targeting script or similar?

    @Savira I was curious about this too, and from what I can see, there is nothing right now that's calling "zgui.showTargetList()", which should populate the target window, and also no built-in function to add new targets to "zgui.myTargetList", which is where the targets for the window would've been sourced. So I think this window is here for us users to add to ourselves. If you're comfortable learning from other people's code, this other free GUI I found here - https://forums.achaea.com/discussion/6749/mudlet-ashliagui-2-0-a-simple-install-and-done-gui - contains a plug-and-play example of setting and displaying the current target in a window (it leverages Achaea's settarget command)

    I'm trying to get this set up but having a lot of issues doing the steps you're describing.

    @Glark The very first time I used this package I ran into a lot of similar issues too and gave up! I decided to try again recently and got it working, and am really pleased with the flexibility and robustness of this GUI.

    It sounds like you want to want to attach some of the windows to your main display, like how it's setup in the tutorial GIF? For that, the window needs to be in Adjustable mode (the default that all the windows appear when you install zgui), versus User Window mode (where the window is popped out and you can drag it anywhere, even beyond the boundaries of the display).

    Double clicking on the window's title bar/top border switches between these two modes. In this case, you want the Adjustable mode so there's no double-clicking needed if starting fresh. If you want to attach a window to your display so that it's "docked" there (like in the GIF), drag the window to the top/left/right/bottom of the display, right click the title bar, and then select 'Attach' and the corresponding position (top/left/right/bottom). If you want the window docked there but outside of the main display, then you'd want it to be in User Window mode.

    If you're having issues with windows disappearing or getting stuck to one side of the screen without being movable (I encounter this even now too when I switch between the modes), try running 'zfix windowName' (pay attention to capitalization! e.g. 'zfix roomPlayers' or 'zfix afflictionlock'; use 'zfix' to see the possible list of window names). You should see the window appear somewhere on your display - right click the title bar and select save, then restart Mudlet. When you next log in, the window should be there again in Adjustable mode. This is how I got around this quirk.

    Re: the prompt in the GIF, that window is actually attached to the bottom of the main display in Adjustable mode. If you can't move it, you may have possibly locked it in place. If there are no _ or x icons in the top right corner of the window, it's locked (in which case, right click the window and select 'locked' to unlock it, or try the zfix method outlined above). Hope this helps!

    Here's my question in case anyone can help: I'm trying to set a background image spanning the entire window, behind all the mini-consoles and main display too. Very much like the Halloween example that Zulah posted. Haven't figured out the container name I need to target yet, or if there's some special trick to it. If anyone knows how then that'd be great!

    RomaenAina DarkeZulah
  • Glark
    Glark Member Posts: 9
    edited May 25

    I eventually figured out what I needed to do, but thanks for the zfix tip, I do run into that sometimes. Yeah, I was trying to switch to user windows and then dock them to the mudlet screen, instead I shrunk the main text display and locked the adjustable windows into the black space around it.

    Now I'm having issues getting AK to properly display inside its ZGUI window, but I'll figure that out when I decide to start using AK again, probably too much information for me at the moment anyway.

  • Aina Darke
    Aina Darke Member Posts: 18 ✭✭ - Stalwart

    @Woland that worked. Thank you very much

  • Orzon
    Orzon Member Posts: 4

    Hello Everyone!

    I can't get the windows to save :(

    I am just trying to setup 2 windows the map and the chat window.

    After i move them to where i want them I then click on lock then save

    They work great as long as i dont close mudlet.

    after closing mudlet when I go back it they are all reset and I have to start all over again.

    What are my doing wrong?

  • Saonji
    Saonji Member Posts: 846 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    edited May 27

    They're not saving, because you have them set to UserWindows, rather than AdjustableContainers (click back to the first page to see how to change between the two).

    If you want to keep them as UserWindows, you follow what Woland already suggested.

  • Orzon
    Orzon Member Posts: 4
    edited May 27

    Thank you! found t it, pretty much you need to right click and attach to top, bottom ect.

    i was double clicking making it into a user window... and that is where it got messed up.

    and is saving now. Thanks!

    one more thing if one of the windows acts up and you can't resize ect. you can go here


    delete the - zgui.roomDenizens.window.lua and start mudlet again.

  • Woland
    Woland Member Posts: 29

    I also realized today you can unlock your adjustable containers straight from the command line, e.g.:

    lua zgui.roomDenizens.window:unlockContainer()

    As per https://www.mudlet.org/geyser/files/geyser/AdjustableContainer.html#Adjustable.Container:unlockContainer

    Similarly, there's a method to change your lockstyles programmatically too: Adjustable.Container:lockContainer. So much faster!

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