Seeking Achaeans Elsewhere

As I'm wrapping up my time with Achaea I wanted to post a thread for folks to use to find each other elsewhere and in hopes of doing the same. There are some people I know I would have liked to keep in touch with that I never managed to have the forethought to connect with outside Achaea. 

I can be reached on Discord at ocypete#6824

I'd be specifically interested in getting in touch with old Arcanists if they happen to be kicking around still with other names, or if folks know where they are. Cree, Beneficia, Daare, Crono, Inuad, and other old folks from the times of the Arcanists and Kindred.

I also welcome contact from other folks who enjoyed playing with me who I may not have mentioned here!

Feel free to use this thread for similar such searching out of missed connections. 
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