* Blademasters can now wear SCALEMAIL up from RINGMAIL (classleads#56)

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Hi! I've had a ringmail for a while and I stuck a rondel with an aeneaous paragon on it. While I can pry off the paragon, I couldn't figure out a way to get the rondel out of my ringmail.

Are we expected to buy a new rondel for the scalemail or is there a way to switch that I have been missing? I wouldn't want to buy one of those morphing paragons for this because I don't really switch armours all that often.

Anyone know anything? Thanks!

Edit: I've had an open issue about it in-game too but it has gone unanswered so far:
Issue #88635   Reported by: Ada
2020/09/01 11:08:54:
Hi! I read blademasters can wear scalemail now. But I already attached a rondel to my ringmail.
Would it be possible to upgrade it to a scalemail or maybe detach the rondel from it?


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    Atalkez said he messaged Makarios directly because his issue was taking so long, and Mak fixed it.

    Realistically, a pryall should be usable on a rondel as well. Dumb.

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  • Umm.. I tried a pryall but it didn't release the rondel from it.
    You have pried loose all the paragons contained within your armour.
    Careful technique has gone in to making this ring mail extremely lightweight without losing any
    utility. A great deal of steel has gone into the forging of this ring mail.

    Emanating a faint, golden glow, the symbol of a shield surrounded by a chain marks the surface of
    this runic armour.
    It weighs about 80 pounds.
    It bears the distinctive mark of Ada.
    This armour has 2 embrasures.
    The following paragons have been inserted:
    1: Empty.
    2: Empty.
    This armour has 21 months of runic empowerment left.
    It will reset to you.
    I now have the paragon in my inventory but I don't see a rondel O.o

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    I said it should be able to. I didn't say it is able to. Hence the 'dumb' bit at the end; it's dumb that it isn't able to be used like that.

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  • So blademasters can wear scale mail now? That’s awesome. I can’t afford it right now, but it should give me more protection than that ring mail has so far.
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