Is aeneaous paragon/artefact armor worth it?

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For a 2H Runewarden is the artefact armor with aeneaous paragon (SoA effect) worth it? I really only do PvE and already have a bunch of the PvE arties (level 3 sword, girdle of Aegis, Logosian bracelets, Stygian pendant, ring of vitality, Ceylonese ring, and eagle's wings, plus vial/pipes/tattoos). I also have most/all the skills I need at trans. Is there something besides arte armor that would be a better purchase for the cost? Thanks!

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    Death cape is a bit more expensive, but probably a better defensive buy than the absorption paragon. It's an increase to maximum health which is effective against all damage types, rather than only physical damage.

    After that, you'll likely get more value from offensive purchases. The two crit paragons aren't cheap, but if PvE is your only real focus then invest in being as efficient as possible at it.
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