Willpower--another Sylvan question.

I'm trying to fight my way up to level 80 fairly quickly, but in bashing sessions that go long at all my willpower really starts to fade. I could trans philosophy at some point or buy a circlet of will at some point. The philosophy would be cheaper, but would it be enough. I sort of like long bashing sessions.


  • Oh, I've level 64 right now
  • Trans philo and if you have groves up to rain then you should make liberal use of your rain to renew for another session, also make sure your clotting threshold is not set too low (set to ~150 while bashing at your level should be ok).
  • Thank you!

  • Don't use thornrend to bash. Trans weatherweaving and use synchronise shear windwhip.
    DPS output is the same, but it also has a built-in raze and costs no willpower whatsoever.

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  • If you have propagation high enough, propagate head with goldenseal will increase your willpower regeneration.
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