Lupine Plinth

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Hi, I'm not really too new to IRE but mostly to Achaea. As a Sylvan, is it worth it to get a Lupine Plinth for my grove? I couldn't really find anything in searching the forums or googling it.


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    I suppose it could be (used to be an okay addition but I haven't used GROVE abilities for a long while), but you'd probably be better off getting some health arties first if you haven't.   Though, it is entirely up to you and how you want to play the char and what you like to get into.

  • That artie is almost useless in modern Achaea where you can generate sunlight from evoking with your staff and use most of your important abilities via staff. I don't recall ever having issues with grove sunlight.
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  • I do know that during extended fights some of the Eleusians run out, but iirc they can transfer between groves - with some loss.  You just need the pacifists that havent used their groves much to send it.

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