Assistance for Visually Impaired


I've been working with someone in Targossas named Breakstone who is visually impaired and using VIP MUD. I am unfamiliar with the client and the particular challenges of visual impairment, but I do know that there are typically quite a few VIP players around the parts. Breakstone could use some help with making traditional triggers and sound triggers. If you are familiar, or might know someone who is familiar with these challenges please reach out to either me or Breakstone

Thank you!


  • Hey, I am vi, and have spoken to him outside the game. I have tried vipmud in the past, and it is not good at all. Once he is back on his computer, I will send him a dropbox link for a basic mush package set up for vi and achaea.
  • Sorry to double post, cannot find an edit button on mobile. When he can get the package I will teach him how to do sounds and triggers and all that. 
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