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Magi artefacts & Lesson Investment

ExivusExivus Member Posts: 35
edited July 2020 in Magi
As the title implies, I'm looking for advice on artefact purchases in the future. Right now I am heavily focused on hunting because I want to get Dragon, and to be honest I don't know if combat will be a large portion of my activities (I'm still iffy on the whole thing as I just don't see the appeal for it). That said, its not totally out of the question as Ex grows more and more established and I figure out what direction he's going next.

List of Artefacts I currently own:
Shield of Absorption
Level 1 Bracelets
Level 1 Crit pendant

Current Stats:
14 Int
14 Con

I've asked around IG and came up with a list to work my way through, that being Shield > sip rings > collar > con belt / int sash > Aldar talisman

I'm mostly going to be buying them with membership credits, therefore they will be the level 1 variants when I can afford them, but I've heard that some stuff like sip rings aren't worth buying at level 1? Which brings me to my next question.

Right now I'm Transed Elementalism and Seafaring. I've learnt Crystalism up to CrystalHome for the utility and Return in Artificing. I've been debating whether to trans avoidance (because of hunting) or just trans a miniskill like philosophy. Or I could pour my lessons into Crystalism as I've heard IG (and lurking in the forums) that its the skill that defines Magi and would be very useful in raid defense and so on. Lessons will be a premium for me as I'm slowly accumulating them from the 5 lessons per day bonus and whenever I buy credits through city and House sales.

Any input on the above (or about anything in general to do with Magi) would be greatly appreciated.

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  • ExivusExivus Member Posts: 35
    Is it worth it skipping rings and getting an Offspring talisman first @Saonji?
  • AegothAegoth Member Posts: 2,975 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    SoA and EQ talisman first 100%. 
  • ExivusExivus Member Posts: 35
    Is the faster EQ that important @Aegoth? I thought more health and tankiness would be better since I'm pretty fragile at the moment
  • ExivusExivus Member Posts: 35
    Got it, I'll move talisman up in priority, thanks!
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