Science! Questions and a discussion

This may be specific to Alchemists and Hashani, but hopefully everyone interested contributes. My character's arc is revolving around degrading into a mad scientist with the very misguided bad science of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. The few of you that read Quafina's "Grim Journal of Medicine" understand the theme I'm going with (which I feel is what the Krymenian Academy is supposed to be, but that's a different thread and mostly an IC discussion.) Right now I'm trying to "prove" my humourism theory right, which is essentially a boiled-down cell theory with magical elements. All I really went on is the AB help files and my imagination to write the journal. I'm looking for advice on pursuing the "natural sciences" and coming up with experiments and results when clearly the game mechanics are not going to provide me with any amount of information. At the moment I'm intending to perform a bunch of dissection/vivisection experiments to weigh corpses and organs, and I have a plan in the works to develop psychotherapy (Melancholicology, Melanchotherapy), which many Achaeans need anyway. Aside from that, does anyone have an idea on how I can roleplay more precise science in a way that is interactive and I can do for show?


  • I don't really have an answer, but there's an RP discord that might be a good place for this - I had a recent question that was sort of similar, and they had some excellent insight for me!

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