Hello! I'm interested in jester combat, and yes I've already been warned about it so let's just skip the bit where I'm told to play any other class. I just have questions about how juggling works. From what I can tell, juggling is going to be my main issue, namely envenoming my weapons right because adding them one by one to my juggled items list is slow. Am I absolutely going to need a script for doing this? Or is there some way I could successfully be envenoming my weapons correctly without needing to store the ID of each axe,  then make something that checks which 3 are next in my inventory, and making sure it envenoms them all correctly? Because I have no idea how to do scripts like that.

I'm a returning player, so if you need to use combat terminology I'll understand.


  • You can specify the venom as part of the THROW command's syntax - e.g. THROW <item> AT <target> <venom> - so you shouldn't need a script for this at all, or to be using any explicit ENVENOM commands. I'm not aware of needing any other abilities for this to work, but that doesn't mean that's not the case. This fact isn't currently mentioned in HELP THROWING (I've submitted a TYPO about that).
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    You  can inline envenom now which is great. I have a script to handle what I'm juggling. I'll send it to you in game
  • 0 need for a script at all.

    Juggle axe
    Envenom axe with x
    Throw axe at x

  • Prepend 'g axe' (or whichever weapon) to your aliases, as a failsafe. Especially without artifact handaxes/daggers/whatever you use.
    g <weapon>/juggle <weapon> <weapon> <weapon>
    g <weapon>/throw <weapon> at cooper curare
    g <weapon>/throw <weapon> at cooper kalmia
    g <weapon>/throw <weapon> at cooper curare
    g <weapon>/juggle <weapon> <weapon> <weapon>

    replacing <weapon> for the weapon you're throwing.

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  • Thank you all for the answers!

    Is there a reason why people seem to prefer axes over daggers?
  • They're marginally faster (at least until these classleads are done).

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  • Better stats and that deliciously buggy double limb damage - meant for Sentinels, enjoyed by all. 
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